Friday, February 04, 2005

Work, work, Work!

I've been busy writing. Not that I don't like that - I love it! So far I've finished two chapters in a WIP (work in progress) and finished the outline for another novel. I have three WIP's going at once - it's not unusual for an author to have a couple books going at the same time. One is almost finished, and I have a sort of superstition about finishing a book - I can only do it when I'm all alone and the atmosphere is just right. The same goes for starting a book. But I can work away at the middle of the book in the middle of a riot - that is no problem!
The book I'm working on today is the sequel to Paradise Earth. I have been trying to finish this book for ages, and I haven't been able to because of edits, other deadlines, and life in general. Now that everything has somewhat calmed down, I'm starting on it again.
It's a very cool sci-fi novella about earth after it's been destroyed and replopulated by alien life-forms. Very cool aliens, I might add!
Well, back to work!

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Wynn Bexton said...

Hello, thanks for reading my blog. I'm always happy when I find another writer's blog too. Yes, I also have another w.i.p. The one I abandoned years ago to start my current one which had started out as a juvenile historical and after a year or so blossomed into this Homeric epic. I also have a new play I was trying to write (not too successfully at this point so it's temporarily shelved) and I write travel articles, some memoirs. I am dying to get my novel done though and really trying to make an effort to concentrate on it.
I'll read more of your blog later. Time for that housework. Like you, I can't write in a messy environment but there's only me, no kids or family, so it won't take long to tidy up!