Monday, February 21, 2005

Titles are not my strong point

I am not a great title namer...So every day when I have to think of a new title for my blog post I sort of freeze up. Ack. What shall I call this post? Usually I just use the day of the week and get it over with. Monday. Voila.
Got the edits back from Battle's Bride (I told you titles were not my strong point!) This is a Working Title, which means I needed to name my Doc. something in order to find it again and this was the best I could come up with. Ack. I know. Ugh.
My editor had only a few tiny nits to clean up. She said (and I quote,) "This was a very clean copy, I only have two or three things for you to fix."
Well, that, for an author, is like getting a birthday present when it's not even your birthday. I was expecting to spend the whole day (and maybe a few others) on edits, and I ran through this in a half an hour. Oh Joy, Oh Bliss...Does this mean I'm making progress?
I will have to write another book and find out.

Off I go.
By the way - I have discovered a new blog with wonderful recipes. Feel free to visit my links over there on the right. I will use the extra time I won by making soup!


Wynn Bexton said...

I find titles easy usually. I've even got a title already chosen for the book I want to write when I get this current one finished!

Same as 'leads' for travel stories. Once I get the lead I can write the article. Even if the story idea is excellent, if I don't get the 'lead', I can't seem to put the story together so easily.

Funny, eh?

Sam said...

That is funny - titles and leads are both sort of the same I suppose. Both set the tone. I love a good title. I saw somewhere the list of titles that had been rejected for famous books. The rejected titles were all pretty awful, lol. (Wish I could remember where I saw that!)

Jaynie R said...

Hi Sam,

Nice blog *g*

I don't suppose any of these great stories you're working on is the sequel to Paradise Earth: Adam and Evan? I really want to know what happens next.


Sam said...

Hi Jaynie,
Well, as it so happens...Yes!

I'm almost done - as in, two or three more pages and it's done!
It has been so much fun to write I almost don't want it to stop. I will be sending it in to my editor ASAP (as soon as I get a critique partner to check it out and make sure it is all right)
Thanks for asking!

Jaynie R said...

Wahoo!! Glad to hear it will be coming soon - I'll be watching for it. *g*