Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Mostly I feel like I'm doing a juggling act. I try to balance the housework against the writing all the while giving priority to kids and husband! Home alone all day means not letting myself just sit down and stare at the TV (I don't turn it on at all) Or read (although I'd really love to sit and read, lol!) or let myself get too caught up in the internet. (Surf for one hour then shut the darn thing off!)
But it's hard to lose myself in writing a book when I have things on the back of my mind.
"Don't forget to pick up Julia."
"Don't forget the shopping list."
"Don't forget to go get Sebi at 1:30"
"Don't forget to buy a present for the family in Finland who are taking care of Julia"
"The dishes, the laundry, and the vacuuming have to be done today!(we'll dust and do the bathroom tomorrow, lol)"
So I sit and try to write, and all those things trot in my head, so I'm constantly glancing at the clock, or getting up to do one of my chores.
However, since I'm an organized writer, I have my outlines ready, my books in order, and the work I need to do is also trotting in my head.
"1,000 words for Bride's Battle"
"Finish plotting A Charm for a Unicorn"
"Send off query for agent"
"Try to get rights back for Angels"
"Reformat 'The Promise'"
"500 words for Paradise Earth 2"

I also wanted to explain a little how I worked.
Here is a brief excerpt of Paradise Earth 2 - Revelation that I'm finishing up for Changeling Press. It's a WIP, unedited, and won't make much sense since it's plucked from the middle of a sci-fi sequel, lol. In writing terms, it's a m/m erotic romance, meaning male / male. (homoerotic) I will also include some m/f (you can guess what that is) in it, which will make it more popular with woman readers (many of whom search for f/f or m/m books). Most publishers have a list of genres on their site.
It illustrates the way I often work - I tend to downplay the sensual side of my books and concentrate on character and plot. The love scenes are in there, but they are not very long. When the book is finished, I will go back and make the love scenes more in keeping with an erotica book. This love scene will probably get another half a page or even a full page more added.I try to use all the senses - smell, touch, taste, sound, and feel. A good way to round out a sex scene is to check to see if all those elements are included.

“I’m going to the mainland.” Evan switched off the localizer and ran his hand over his bald head.
“I’ve given up on the Federation, so if you want to use that as an excuse…”
Evan shook his head. “No. I’ve given up on the Federation too.” He grinned wryly. “They should have arrived already. Seven years they said, and that was nearly eight years ago.”
“I don’t want you to go. No one has ever returned.”
“I will,” Evan said gently. He drew Adam to him, pressing him against his chest. His hands smoothed familiar planes, muscles, and he closed his eyes. He felt so close to Adam that sometimes he thought they shared the same skin. Adam always smelled and tasted of oranges. Salt and oranges, with a tang of bitter honey. His mouth trailed kisses over Adam’s cheek and down his neck.
Adam responded, his skin flushing in a way that Evan found arousing. Their differences still titillated them. Evan’s smooth, hairless skin was sensitive to Adam’s furry chest, legs and arms. And Evan knew that Adam could practically come just by looking at his appendage, a flexible, tail-like antenna that extended from a slit on his lower back.
As he heard Adam’s breathing getting faster, Evan’s cock grew hard. The two men were naked. No one wore clothes on Paradise Island. It was hot, and no one else but their ‘children’ were there, and none of the tribes had invented clothes yet.
In his aroused state, Evan caught fragments of Adam’s emotions. Not his thoughts, but he could feel the same things Adam felt. It amplified his excitement. Adam was so sensual, so sexual. Their mouths came together. Their kiss deepened...
copyright Samantha Winston - all rights reserved.

Well, if I want to get anything done, I better stop writing in this blog!


Anonymous said...

Hi there - love the blog!

Wynn Bexton said...

Don't you just love writing erotic scenes?

Also...I'm having the same problem getting the time in to write this week. Hoping tomorrow will be clear for me to get more work done on the novel. Busy all week mostly with classes and other stuff related to writing -- everything but the actual writing!