Sunday, February 13, 2005

Stormy Sunday

Rain is slashing across the windowpane, and in the valley sheets of water move sideways like veils of gray silk. Our neighbor's pine trees lean precariously, while in our linden trees, turtle doves huddle to keep dry. Hail sprinkles down, adding a dry, sandy sound to the rain, but it's soon over. The wind wails, sweeps the clouds away, and ruffles the overflowing puddles in the town square. Roof-tiles gleam wetly, the grass is bright, emerald green, and Rusty looks at me as if to say, 'Do I really have to go outside now?'

Yes, Rusty, it's time for your walk. If we hurry, we might beat that big, black cloud heading this way from the West!

(a little while later)
I didn't beat the storm cloud, and my hair is wet! Rusty is curled up on her bed. Yesterday I got quite a lot done on my WIP, so this morning I'm dawdling. Plus it's Sunday, and everything is quiet. The blustery weather is actually lovely - there are long moments of calm and then the wind starts to howl again and the sky darkens.
Time for another cup of tea!

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