Tuesday, February 01, 2005

How I became Sam

One day I was moaning on the phone to my mother about my writing. I felt as if I was the biggest idiot in the entire world - who else would work for three years and earn 75 dollars? I was about to forget about publishing and go back to writing for pleasure (and look for a 'real job'). But Sam was listening on the line, and he said, half laughing, "Why don't you write erotica? That's where the money is, darling."
His friend Winston, also listening in, agreed.
I told them, "If I ever do, I'll use your names for my pen name."
The next month I stumbled across Ellora's Cave, and I thought it looked Very interesting. I read a few of their books, then I wrote something for them, half thinking I was off chasing wild geese again. But imagine my surprise when they accepted my book a mere three hours after I'd sent it off! Stunned, I looked at the contract and remembered what I'd said to Sam and Winston. I signed Samantha Winston in the blank they left for pen names.
So far, I've written thirteen erotic romances. It's fun being Samantha.

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