Friday, February 11, 2005

Primroses in the Rain

I took a long walk this morning. My friend Sophie dropped by with her friend Claire and her dog Bouillotte (hot water bottle, lol) So I took my dog Rusty and off we went for a ten mile hike through the woods. It was misty and a light rain fell, but we had on wellies, coats, and broad-brimmed hats. The dogs snuffed and snorted through the underbrush while we slipped and sloshed through the mud on the path. We came out in a tiny village in the depths of a valley. The way in and out is steep, and at the bottom is a tiny church, a stream, and a bridge flanked by two, centuries old willow trees. It's a lovely place.Afterwards, we went home along the road. Not too much traffic this morning, thank goodness. I don't know about you, but when I go off on a hike, I like to make a circle. I don't like backtracking, or going back the exact same way I set out.Once back in my village, we left the road and followed a footpath up a hill. All along the way were pink and yellow primroses, dotted with sparkliing drops of rain.


Wynn Bexton said...

How Lovely!
I just posted this reply to your message on my own blog by mistake. So here it is:
Hi, you're absolutely right and in particular with my novel writing class I stress this. If they can't do the little assignments I give them each week (all designed to get at least a chapter done in 8 wks) then they will never achieve the completion of a large work like a novel. Most of the time I have it on my mind 24/7 even when I am not able to sit down and write (at least I can make notes in my notebook).

Troy was good but it left out all the parts of the Trojan Wars story that I love in particular the Trojan Women story. I found that the computer enhanced scenes were amazing. But again, the wimped out on the relationship between Achilles and Patrokles. Then when Oliver Stone dared to portray that kind of relationship in Alexander, there was such a ridiculous hue and cry. I actually saw "Alexander" 3 times, and in spite of its failings I loved it.
But then, he's my hero...and I felt Oliver is on the same wave-length as me in relation to him.

Wynn Bexton said...

Hey, I'm writing about Alexander myself, so I'd be interested in your books which are from such a different slant. (My w.i.p. is about the fall of his dynasty).

Well, so far today I have written a Valentine's Day blog. Now I have to go sort out this conspiracy that is happening in my novel. Oh, the tangled webs...And it's such a lovely day I'd like to be out walking about but decided to dedicate the day to writing!

Sam said...

I've just gotten all my rights back and have started all over again (submitting, querying, etc.) so it feels rather like a giant step backwards. Only I get such nice letters from people still looking for them that it helps keep me optomistic.
I've taken the seven books and put them together in a trilogy. It makes each book over a thousand pages, but it does take care of trying to market Seven books, lol. Now I just say it's a trilogy and leave it at that.
I haven't sent it to an agent yet -too damn lazy. Plus I haven't got the unlimited funds it will take to print up the monster and ship it out from France.
I'll think of something. Sometime.