Saturday, February 19, 2005

Weekend, Busy Weekend

It's the start of school vacation and the kids are home. I still have edits to finish by Monday and I'm waiting for word on the illustrating job with France Gallop for the racing booklet. I'm looking forward to doing that!
I've been blog hopping this morning, and read Max Perkin's post on the infantizing of authors. (And all about how he hates Valentine's Day - but honestly, any holiday that gets taken over by commercialization is horrid. I can't bear Christmas, Halloween, and Easter for that reason. I'd much rather celebrate something like Summer Solstice, Ash Wednesday or Candlemass - at least they don't have sickening decorations, cards, commercials, or songs to make you forget what the day was really all about.)
Back to authors and how they are being kept in the dark by their agents and publishers...
Yes Max - it's true. I said it ages ago on your blog that we authors have little or no control over our careers. We can give all - or nothing - it really hardly matters. Going to conventions, having a website, blogging, booksignings...all those are drops in the bucket.
Good books will be overlooked. Bad books will become best sellers. Your book has been thrown to the public lions and they will either devour it and love it, or ignore it.

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Wynn Bexton said...

Hi Sam, what is Max Perkins' blog address? I haven't checked his blog yet and it sounds interesting.

Re editing; yes I also do 'block editing' and try to get each segement correct before going on, though if I get a bit stuck I read back, do more edits and then that usually gets me moving again. Consequently pretty well my whole MSS to date is almost a final draft. Just some nips, tucks and a lot of places I will be cutting (because of the length)but I've already marked most of them.

I love editing and can do that any time. I do a lot of editing for my classes as well as my own work. And of course being in an excellent critique group is most helpful.

I'm going to make 'story cards' for these chapter segements that I want to rearrange (like screen writers do) and I think that will help me focus on if/how it will work before I start the cutting & pasting. I've been so busy this week with classes etc that I'm itching to get back at my writing again. Aiming for a full day tomorrow and most of next week.

Good luck with yours, Ruth(wynn)