Saturday, February 12, 2005


I always hear Elton John's song when I see the word Saturday...

I have a thousand words to do today for my WIP. As usual, having an outline has helped a lot. I read on another blog where an author's muse deserted...I thought, 'maybe he doesn't have an outline?'
You see, when you have an outline, you don't need inspiration, you need to buckle down and get to work. Sit at the keyboard - type. Type until you have met your quota, even if you are only typing "This sucks, This sucks, This sucks..."
The words will start to flow. The story will appear and the characters will come to life and draw you further into your tale...and if that doesn't happen, keep writing. You can always delete what doesn't please you at a later time. The important thing when wrting a novel is to Keep Writing. (and having an outline will make that less of a feat.)

With that writer's hint for the day, I bid you farewell!


Wynn Bexton said...

I agree that an outline is necessary but sometimes it's simply a case of sorting things out, as in my current situation of 'pacing' the way that I weave in the political scheming and building the tension as well as weaving in the other things such as some romantic tension. Writing in multiple p.o.v. sometimes gets tricky.

I never write without an outline, even just the outline of that chapter's events.

I'm always amazed in my novel writing class when I give the first assignment which is to write a skelelton outline of the plot. A lot of people come into the class without even any idea of what they want to write about. (And they want to write a novel!)

I'm not sure what period of time your stories take place. I know one of the other writers on this blog site and I are writing historical fiction (ancient history) of the same time frame and sometimes it does take awhile to get your head into that world. And once you're in it you often find it hard to get out again!

Regarding the poetry gala: only a bit of poetry was read or performed. The African-Canadian woman being an actress did a very moving performance poem about a woman being taken from her village into slavery. It brought tears from my eyes. The other award winner read three satirical poems (rhyming) which were cleaver and hilarious.

Have you even been to a slam poetry reading? They are a lot of fun!

Have a good day writing. I'm just beginning...tackling an erotic scene. Good way to start my Sat. morning. LOL.

Sam said...

I've never been to a slam poetry reading. Sounds kind of cool!
I used to (still do, lol) write poetry. Baaaaaad poetry, but still, it's sort of a therapy. Plus, it's good practice. I love flash fiction and short stories because they teach you how to tell a story concisely. Sparse, concise writing is a pleasure to read. On the other hand, one of my favorite books is 'The God of Small Things', so go figure.
Oh, historical time periods - ancient Greece, ancient Gaule, the Crusades, and I'm toying with the idea of a book set in ancient Rome. It's nice living in Europe - I have ruins galore right next door!