Saturday, October 20, 2007


I've been Painting.

Not art - my walls.

They needed freshening up. They were off white, but getting dirty and old. So I grabbed some gray and some pale yellow and painted!
Then I looked in the attic and fuond some old curtains that I'd put away a few years ago and hung them.
Here's the new color scheme!


Rosie said...

What a great room! I love it.

John Nez said...

It's perfect! That color is just right... an elusive antique ivory with just a hint of yellow.

I find that painting a wall is the ideal painting experience... no artistic quibbling to get in the way of perfection.

Only I find it's hard to keep everything in such a state of perfection when people actually have to live there.

So the best thing is to cordon off the dorway with a silk rope like they do in museums, and admire it from the hall...

But a perfect photo is a nice alternative to that I guess...


Sam said...

Thank you Rosie, thank you John!!

Connie said...

Looks very comfortable - nice place to relax with a good bok.