Saturday, October 13, 2007

Congratulations, Al Gore!

To the best president America never had - Congratulations.
You fought long and hard to bring global warming to the public attention.
You faced ridicule (didn't Bush the Lesser call you 'Ozone Man', in tones of ringing contempt?)
But you stuck to your convictions.
You want to leave your children a better world than the one you live in. That's laudible. Unlike the actual president, who seems bent on ruining the chances of America's children, you want to set them on a new path - one that will be kinder to our planet.
I can't help feeling deep frustration that you didn't become our president and led the country. You would have led it in a different direction. Under your care, I think I can be sure that there would be no made-up war today in order to fill the coffers of weapon and oil dealers. You would not have invented this ruinous war. Instead, you would have used the élan of compassion the world showed America after 9-11 in order to build a new world peace, instead of lashing out at an old enemy - whose oil deposits are now being plundered by an international cartel unimpeded by any laws. You would have signed the bill enabling thousands of American children to have access to good health care. Two little children would not have died last week because the needed dental care. You would not have made America a poorer nation.
Mr. Gore - I know it's too late. I voted for you. I would vote for you again. But I feel it's too late to repair the damage the right wing nuts have done to the US. But congratulations on winning the Nobel Peace prize. It's a wonderful recognization for all the work you've done, and all the good you've done. It's also proof that you don't have to be a president in order to make a difference.
Thank you, Al Gore.


Wynn Bexton said...

Bravo Al Gore! I totally agree with all you wrote here. It's good to know that there are men like him in the world.

Kate R said...

whatchumean president we never had? he was elected in 2000. Never got to serve, is all. Every liberal nutcake knows that, sez the LN.

If you have time today, go over to the NYT online and read Stephen Colbert's guest column for Maureen Dowd. Those columns are free again, thank goodness.

John Nez said...

Amen to all that! I too just adored Al Gore... and like all good liberals have had my head handed to me on a plate by the neo-cons ever since that awful election in 2000. (which Gore would have won if he'd demanded a recount of the entire state of Florida).

I watched in disbelief when John Kerry was 'swiftboated' into shame in that tragic election.

And now... as if somehow the deck is stacked against the democratic cause... the two leading contenders are a woman and a black man! I feel they're great candidates.. but Joe 6-pack's vote counts just as much as mine, and I'm pretty sure what his opinion will be.

In this new age of razor thin elections, the outcome seems very scary...

I sure wish Al Gore would run again to complete the arc of his tragic story. The election would seem to be his for the taking...

George Bush will go down in history as america's worst president of all time, of that I am certain.

Truly a tragic time in america...

Anonymous said...

A friend was moved to tears at the thought that her son would have to live in the coming world described by his movie.

Me, I see opportunity. Think of the accomplishements our children will make to be able to live in the world we have created. They will adapt.

Though I must admit, the machine that runs the US terrifies me.