Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day!

Happy May 1st!

It's a holiday here, so hubby is working, lol. He got up early to head to the club where he has lessons, a practice game, and a dinner to go to. Last night we were out late - we had dinner in Paris. It was fun. We dropped off our daughter at her grandmother's aparment, along with a bag of take-out Chinese food for their dinner. Then we went to an Italian restaurant called 'Chez Livio', a nice Italian place that serves great food (I had a plate of lemony marinated green beans with mozzarella to start, and a small pizza with smoked ham and fresh rockette. (Pizza con parme y rucola) - and two coffees because I was falling asleep, I'm afraid. It was a business dinner with my husband and his polo team. Guess what they talked about all night long?

But it was nice to get out of the countryside. Paris at night is magical - I'm thinking of writing an urban fantasy with a Parisian setting - sort of like my zombie series. It could be a lot of fun to research too - I'd have to visit the catacombs and such. :-)

It's another gorgeous day. I ran out and picked a bouquet this morning - I grabbed the last Peonie, some iris, and a branch from our white lilac tree. I put it in the kitchen next to Seymou'r fishbowl. (There is Seymour, our Black Moor goldfish.) He's learned to come up to the surface when we show him the fish food box. I'd like to get him a bigger aquarium though. Behind it is one of my acrylic paintings I did at the race track. It's the parade ring, with the horses getting ready to go out on the track. And behind the bouquet, you can see part of my son's Chinese water color of bamboo, and in the front is the little clay horse my daughter made in school!

Today I have two English lessons, and I'm hoping to get some reading done for Calderwood Books. Our slush pile is building up again and we have two full manuscripts to evaluate as well as two full rewrites to look over. Our editor has six books on her plate right now, and we're slowly finding our limits as far as how much we can manage at once! Luckily, we love to read!


December Quinn said...

Wow, lemony marinated green beans sound delicious!

Oopsy Daisy said...

you are going to have tp post some pics of these wonderful French foods you are eating. They sound so yummy. And Paris at night sounds divine!

I loved your flowers!