Tuesday, May 08, 2007

8th of May

Armistice Day. It's a national holiday here.

This morning it rained, but it's lovely and sunny out now. My daughter is playing with Auguste, who has a favorite toy. (An eviscerated soccer ball) He runs after it, grabs it, then tries to sneak it into the house. He's not very good at sneaking. One method is to run as fast as he can (with his short stumpy legs he doesn't go very fast!) and try to rush into his dog crate. But the door is too small for the soccer ball, and he always gets stuck, which gives us a chance to swoop in and grab it. (And throw it back outside.)

Here is Auguste running into the kitchen. You can see the hallway where my son leaves his running shoes, and where my daughter tossed her rollerblades and backpack. The blue bed is the dog's bed in the kitchen fireplace. Can you spot the picture of my husband and me on our wedding day?

My daughter throws the ball back into the garden - Auguste is ready to go get it!

Here's the photo of Stef and I on our wedding day!


Bernita said...

An arch of polo sticks!

Bonita said...

I love all llyour photos, but especially your wedding one. Where did you get married? Thanks for sharing so much with us.

December Quinn said...

What an adorable photo!

Which floor is it you scraped all the wax off, is that pictured?

Sam said...

Thanks Bernita - it was different, lol.
Bonita, I got married in France in a very, very small village in Sologne.
Decmeber - see those white rectangles on the floor? They were black with coats of wax! Now they are beige. Much better!

Oopsy Daisy said...

Only in Europe would yuo hear someone refer to their kicthen fireplace. I am so envious! It sounds so cozy to have a kitchen fireplace.

I loved the image of Auguste running with the ball in mouth. Quite the scamp. Ha ha.

Your wedding picture os so beautiful! You'll have to do a post on your wedding. Inquiring minds (mine) want to know.

Anonymous said...

Sneaky! It took a few looks to find the one in the original pic.

I wonder what I've done with my wedding photos....

Erin the Innocent said...

I love the pictures! You looked beautiful in the wedding picture. (well you always seem to look fantastic lol That one is especially nice though) I also love the pictures you've had up of Auguste!

(btw you've been tagged!)