Thursday, May 03, 2007

More on BookMooch

So far I've had a good BookMooch experience. I sent six books and got five. Since I wasn't sure about postage, I refused to send to the US (expensive) but I did accept a book mooch from England, and later regretted it as it cost 6$ to send a book worth 7$. Live and learn! So I changed my profile to say I couldn't send outside France. Hopefully lots of French moochers will find my profile and mooch, so I can get some more books!
I just mooched 4 Terry Pratchett books - (I LOVE his Discworld series). I mooched a Colin Bateman, a Jennie Crusie, a Stephanie Bond, a Janet Evanovitch, (funny!) and a Dick Francis and an Ian Rankin (mystery books).
So Book Mooch has been a great experience so far.
Daisy mae just wrote and said she stumbled on a BookMooch scammer though. A guy listed bunches of books, mooched a bunch of books, then took his listing off and vanished. Bad Moocher, Bad!
I am going to clean up my bookcase in my bedroom, and my kids' bookcases, and will have a lot of new books to list. I'm sorry I don't ship to the US - it's just not worth it - might as well just buy the book from a used books bookstore. :-(
I saw a couple of my books floating around on BookMooch - that was fun. And Clean Reads had the drawing for Horse Passages - I'll have a drawing too when I get to the US this summer - I have a bunch of books to giveaway, so stay tuned for my July Giveaways!
OK - off to the gym!
Have a great day!


Oopsy Daisy said...

I mooched the same Jennifer Cruise book that you did! All of the reviews I read said it was a fun read.

You will have to ut some of your books up for mooching in the US when you are here so those of us stateside can mooch them.

Sam said...

I plan to enroll my mother - with her neverending library - so don't worry - soon you will be flooded with books!

Rosie said...

I should look into something like this or BOOK SWAPPERS because my fave and only local UBS closed and I don't have a store to swap with any more. Sounds like you got some good books Sam.