Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Future love by Summer Devon

I needed a break. The weather here has been dreadful, just like November, dark, dreary, and cold. Rain pounding off the roof - and there was no escape, except into another world.

So I opened Summer's book, 'Future Love', and was transported.

It's a deceptively simple tale. Man from the future goes back in time and meets a contemporary woman - they fall in love. But it's a complex story that had me laughing, sighing, and reading 'til the wee hours to find out what happened next. It made me think a little of Kurt Vonnegut's 'Welcome to the Monkey House', because in the future, sex is suppressed. So our future stud, Collins, has never made love before. He thinks it's an aberation to make love - chemicals control hormones and everyone is smooth and hairless, and sexless. But he is sent back by accident by a group of future terrorists. And this is where the story has it's extra depth. There is suspense and action as well as love because the terrorists are out to get him, and he has a mission to accomplish.

Candy, the heroine, is a nice modern girl. In the beginning I was prepared not to like her, because she shows a certain lack of judgement when she invites the strange man into her house; but hey, it's fiction, and besides, the heroine is not a push-over. She's got a great personality and she's a genuinely caring person. She behaves like a normal person, which is refreshing in a romance book. I really get to like her, and I LOVE how she teaches Collins a thing or two about sex. :-)

Collins is a great hero. I think I fell in love with him myself. As an extra bonus, Summer writes some of the steamiest love scenes I've read in ages!

So if you want a book that will brighten a gray day, warm your heart (and the rest of you) make you smile and fall in love, get Summer Devon's 'Future Love'. You can buy it HERE. from Ellora's Cave.


Bernita said...

I like the sound of that plot and those people.

Doug said...

Here's my review of Futurelove. You forgot to mention all the humor! That book was a hoot.

Sam said...

It was a hoot - but it was also Steamy!
I liked the time travel element, and I think she writes really well. The book was just easy and fun to read - and perfect for a rainy day. (and I loved your review Doug!!!)

Kate R said...

You'd think with THIS glorious review here, I'd stop being such a turkey about expressing my admiration for your writing. . .

Well, okay, I did post a link to Mrs. Giggles's review and that's better than anything I could write about your stuff. XXOO