Monday, April 30, 2007


We needed rain and last night we had a rainstorm. Thunder growled and lightning chased across the sky. We opened our window wide and lay on the bed, cool air billowing the curtains. The electricity went off once, and my husband had to go outside with a candle (our electric panel being in the side building!) He put his raincoat over his head and sheltered the candle from the driving rain. Otherwise he wore nothing but his slippers and boxer shorts - I should have taken a picture of that!
But this morning the sun is shining and the flowers look half drowned but happy.

You can click on the two last pictures and open them full size. That way they're big enough to use as wallpaper if you want!


Bernita said...

Irises and roses and peonies(?) and things.
My tulips have just begun to open.

Sam said...

Things? LOL.
Yes, we're having an early summer this year. My yellow climbing rose bush is the one my dog ate when I bought it, and all that was left was a chewed up stick - I didn't even know which end to put in the ground! It looks like I guessed correctly!

John Nez said...

Lovely flower photos.

I wish we had thunder storms here. Instead it just rains six months of the year and then it doesn't rain at all for 6 months.

And when there is the rare thunderbolt... there's usually just one and that's it. Very odd.

Sam said...

Hi John!
I love thunder and lightning - but I don't like being outside in a storm. (I'm a big chicken, lol.) But safe inside, with the candles burning, it's lovely to watch a big storm.

Rosie said...

Sam, I've used the peony as my desk top and it looks fabulous! Thanks.

Mark Reep said...

Hey Sam, thanks for stopping by my blog- Realized it's been a while since I've checked in to see what you and yours are up to. We're a ways behind you here, but it seems safe to say we won't be shoveling anymore snow for awhile. Of course, I spent the afternoon getting my lawnmower running- But that's a trade-off I can live with :)
Was looking at your post on the differences between men and women- Seems to me, generally speaking, that women are so much better at multitasking (should there be a hyphen in there? Guess not). My train of thought is usually One Track Only- Other stuff tends to get real peripheral in a hurry, not register much :) My parter, on the other hand, focuses as intently as I do on whatever she needs to- But she's also got room for the other stuff that needs to be paid attention to or that she's also thinking about or doing at the same time. Amazing.
For this and many other reasons, I am regularly quite in awe of her :)

Seeley deBorn said...

On the island everything was green and flowery, here we're still waiting for buds to appear on the trees.
I can't wait for summer storms. I've really missed them living near the ocean.