Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Happy Birthday, Husband!

Stef in 1980, in Holland.
Yes, it's my husband's birthday. He's one year older, one year better (as I like to think) and one year younger (as Andrea's brother Pablo says. Smooches to Pablo!
We met at the polo club. I watched him play the first weekend, but didn't get to meet him. He broke his arm the next week, and so I got talk to him. Well, sort of talk. My French was limited to 'left, right, and fall down'. His English was what he'd picked up in highschool. (Actually not so bad. And we didn't fight for YEARS - I'd start shouting in English, and he'd look at me and say, Doing de doing de doing." His imitation of a mad American. )
My sister was visiting me, so she was out chaperon for about a month. Stef told me later he tried everything to ditch the sister - but nothing worked, lol. Finally, in desperation, he asked me to visit him in Deauville where he was playing polo. He got his cousin Florence to drive me. I brought my friend with me (Andie MacDowell), and we spent three weeks in Deauville, in freezing cold weather. August in Deauville, and we didn't take off our jackets!

We've been together since 1979, and I'm still crazy about my guy.
Happy Birthday Stef!

Andie, Stef, and me at the polo field in Deauville. It was cold that month!

Stef and me in Florida in 1980.

Stef with our daughter at the cross country course this year.


Gabriele C. said...

Happy Birthday, Stef.

Is breaking an arm some sort of initiation ritus for polo players? :)

I suppose you'll have learned je t'aime and mon ami soon enough.

Oopsy Daisy said...

Thanks for sharing the pic of the hubby. (Is it hot in here? Whew!) Happy Birthday to him , may all his wishes come true.

I didn't know you knew Andie MacDowell. You'll have to elaborate on how you guys met.

How many other intertesting people do you know that you haven't told us about?

Lyn Cash said...

Happy Birthday, Stef! (sorry I'm late for the party)

If you heard a collosal POP a few seconds ago, twas I pulling head out of arse. Forgot I had a meme to do.

Hope all is well. Should have tee shirt in mail to you end of this week (I don't have a way to post office until then). *ggg*

Rosie said...

Happy birthday! Are you doing anything special to celebrate?

Bonita said...

A very happy birthday to Stef. Is this the Andie MacDowell, the actress?

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to your Stef! from Guilderland, NY!! : )

You guys are all gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

oops.// that was me!

Laura : )

December Quinn said...

He's so handsome!

Lol when I scrolled to the second picture I hadn't yet read the caption or the rest of what you wrote above it, and I thought, "Wow, Sam used to look a lot like Andie McDowell!"

Sam said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes!!
December - don't I wish!!!

Bernita said...

He's definitely improved with age.

Sam said...

Bernita! (I think so too!)

It's so unfair how good men look with silver hair.

John Nez said...

Oh my gosh! Movie stars... how exciting!

I only see Andie MacDowell in hair commercials anymore... but she certainly appears in a lot of those.
I read she had her voice dubbed over in her first movie, since the 'editors' in Hollywood were sure no one could listen to a southern accent.

Just shows what editors know...

What classic photos! It's wonderful to see such lasting devotion & tradition.

Sam said...

Hi John! You're right - she was mortified to find her voice dubbed in her first film. I guess everyone has to start somewhere!
Thanks for the kind words about the photos!

Andrea said...

What a great post on Stef...
Happy BDay...you handsome boy...
your friend