Friday, March 09, 2007

The Promised Elf Contest

I said I was going to have an elf contest, and I am!

Today I got my new cover too!

The Fairnight series consists of:

Elf Song

Llewellyn's Song

Merlin's Song

And is at Elloras Cave

So...Here is the prize:

A download copy of Elf Song and a paperback copy of 'Fever Hot Dreams'.

And to win, all you have to do is tell me why YOU deserve this prize!

(Example, "I deserve this prize because my uncle's wife's nephew Seymour, won a gold medal shaped like a pig for eating the most franks at the fair and I want to win something kewl too.".)
I'll draw the winner from all the answers!
Good luck!


crowwoman / rhian said...

Because every book cover i ever look at again i'll be subconsciously scoping out for your name. Heh. Truth.

PLUS i just got selected as Woman of Excellence (taadaaa!)so my mojo is powerful today. xxx rhi

Sam said...

Whoo-Hoo! Congrats Woman of Excellence!
Great news!

Wynn Bexton said...

Kudos to you Sam. You're awesome!

Sam said...

Thanks Wynn!!

Anonymous said...

I deserve it because I just had to drive accross Saskatchewan twice.

If I go to hell when I die, that's what I'll be doing: driving across Saskatchewan forever. At one point I napped for about and hour and I swear The Man pulled over and stopped while I slept. Nothing changes, and there's nothing to look at. Flat dirty snow as far as the eye can see under a dim grey sky that stretches into oblivion. When The Nothing destroyed the stories in "The Neverending Story" it left Saskatchewan behind in its wake.

And I'm going to have to do it again!

Sam said...

Seeley - it sounds just dreadful. Sort of like boating for me. Miles and miles of ocean, no land in sight, and my overactive imagination playing the music for 'Jaws' over and over again...

Wynn Bexton said...

Haha...Saskahootch. I was born there - a Prairie Rose.

Sam, thanks for the travel book proposal idea. I am giving it serious thought and would like to discuss this more. Do you have my email?
(you probably have my older one)

I'll check again to see if I have yours.

Bonita said...

Lovely new cover, Sam. I so deserve this book because my babies(Mommy Bree and Wee Alyssa) have gone back to North Carolina; thus, I need a pick-me-up to keep my spirits elevated until they return. ~s~ Hope I am not to late (I actually drive to NC with them on Friday and returned late this afternoon to LA).

JR's Thumbprints said...

I deserve to win the prize because I've never read a romance novel before and I see male prisoners reading and gossiping about which romance book to read next. How else will I be able to identify with my students?

Sam said...

You must miss Bree and Alyssa so much! Your name is definitely in the hat!

Sam said...

Hi JR - thanks for stopping by!
Do your prisoners really read romance books? How fascinating!
Which are their favorite authors?
Where do they get the books?
Would you be interested in 'The Promise' for the prison library? (It's the one my mother uses for her English class in Brookwood)
Are they allowed erotic romance books? I think mine might be a little spicier than what the inmates get, lol. (Not MUCH spicier though - having read some romance books, lol)

Lyn Cash said...

aw, Sam - both covers are just awesome!

Anonymous said...

I deserve this prize because...
sweat the size of goose eggs came tumbling down my spine... moonlight over Montchauvet sent shivers up my spine... white light on white bread caused a whiteout I didn't see coming... posted by sweaty palms of a mooning white man in VT (having a little fun conjuring up phrases that might catch your attention :))

Sam said...

LOL - anonymous, you certainly have a way with imagery!

Christina said...

I deserve to win because.... I want to. (LOL!) No really, don't know why.... I think everyone deserves to!

Sam said...

Hi Christina! I agree! I think everyone deserves to win - (that's why I'm sticking the names in a hat and closing my eyes when I pick!)

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

I love the covers for both of the books, Sam. Your Fairnight series sounds great! :-D

Sandy said...

I deserve to win because I have no romance in my life right now...I have to live vicariously thru books.