Sunday, March 04, 2007

Goose egg crepes

The best crepes in the world are made with goose eggs. Richer than hen's eggs, they add a wonderful taste and color to the crepe batter that just can't be beat.

So when my neighbor gives me goose egs, I make crepes.

500 grams flour

1 liter milk

2 goose eggs (or 6 regular eggs)

4 tablespoons sugar

4 table spoons vegetable oil

2 teaspoons salt

1/4 cup beer or white wine (I add this to make the batter lighter, but you don't have to. Some people like to add a dash of rum for flavor. My friend Andrea adds grated orange or lemon peel, and that's really yummy too!)

Mix well - let stand about an hour, then heat and oil crepe pans. Have a pan of water boiling with a plate on it and a piece of aluminum foil. (As you make each crepe, put it on the plat and cover with foil - this will keep them hot without drying them.)

My son makes the crepes. I can make the batter, but I can't cook them, for some reason!


ORION said...

Oh man this takes me back! I remember getting goose eggs in illinois back in the 70's!
It's 7 am.
I'm hungry for crepes.

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

How interesting! I've never had goose eggs (except for one or two on my head over the years). The recipe sounds delicious. And your son is very handsome!

Sam said...

Pat - I'm always thrilled when my neighbor brings me the eggs - it really is a treat!

Daisy - ouch (for your head, lol) and thanks (for my son)!

Michael Patrick Leahy said...


A belated garland to you for properly identifying the term "Trans-Mississippi" on Jenny Rappaport's blog !

Jules Jones said...

Different recipe -- but my mother occasionally used to get duck eggs from friends, and usually used them for making profiteroles. The difference to using commercial hen's eggs was quite astonishing.

connie said...

I am saving this recipe.