Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Just an image

There are images I love. This one is of my daughter setting the table for lunch. The bread is fresh, the sun coming in the window is cold though - it's winter and there is no warmth to the light. The white table cloth is the brightest part of the picture, and the subject is in shadow.
Today is Wednesday - my crazy day. I have three young children for a morning English lesson. Today the 5 year old was in a bad mood and sulked through the lesson. I think it's because he's having growing pains. He looked tired and cross. All he wanted to do was hold the stuffed sheep I was using for the lesson, so I let him have it, and forgot about trying to teach them 'Old MacDonald', and instead I read a story called 'Max's Chocolate Chicken' - using the vocabulary they knew instead of the real words. One thing I've learned about children - it's best to be flexible, lol.
Afterwards I was a chauffeur for a while - driving children to and fro. And in a couple hours I'm off to Paris with my neighbor (the one who gives me the goose eggs) to get our dogs confirmed. Our dogs are brother and sister, and we have to go to a wire-haired dauchshund judge and get a certificate saying they conform to their breed. (It's part of the buyer's agreement I made with the breeder - if the dog is not confirmed, then the breeder gives me half the price back - which is very fair, I think.) But the judge lives just outside Paris, to the east. (We're to the west, lol.)
I've been trying to work but not concentrating very well. Spring is here, there are flowers - daffodils, forsythia, primroses, & narcissia - blooming everywhere, and as soon as the sun comes streaming in the window, I usually stop everything and go sit outside.
I've created a MySpace page for Calderwood books - I'd be so happy if you "friended" me, lol.
(There is the link)
I've put two books on the back burner for now, and am busy editing. I have a new book coming out in April (Two, actually, if the paperbook from EC comes out that month - not sure) so I have to think about promoting. A contest? A Fairnight Elf Contest? Hmmm. Sounds good. I'll have to think of a contest and get some prizes.
OK - Tomorrow I'll announce the contest. It will give me time to think of something.
Books I'm reading:
Jennifer Colt's 'The Butcher of Beverly Hills' (Loving it! Funny and lighthearted with tons of action and witty one-liners.)
Suzanne Frank's 'Reflections in the Nile' (Been looking for that book for AGES - it is out of print and I finally found a copy. It is FABULOUS.)


crowwoman / rhian said...

FYI - confessed a total IDIOT moment on my blog that involves one of your books. Color me embarrassed all over the place. The pretty, shiny side is that I give a wahoo for one of your stories. Now I have to go crawl back into my hole.

Kate R said...

I can't see the picture! waaah

JR's Thumbprints said...

Perhaps it was the dark shadows that put this into my mind, but at first I'd thought those were human limbs on the table. I sure wish spring would hurry up and get here for me.