Thursday, September 14, 2006

too much cccooooffffeeee

Yes, too much coffee this morning - or I made it really strong, lol. I can hardly sit still. Luckily there is gym class this morning so I will soon be reduced to a wet puddle on the floor, lol. Our gym teacher is terrific, but she has decided to start this year off with Energy!
I also take yoga class. I love my yoga class. I've been taking it now for three years, and I really look forward to it. It gets the kinks out of my back and leaves my body feeling relaxed and supple (and I am NOT supple, believe me. I stare at my toes and wonder if I'll ever be able to touch them, lol) But yoga and gym are a nice balance.
Someone was blogging about balance today - how to balance writing and family - health and work - yin and yang...and I have to admit I don't really think about it. Like most people, I guess I just tackle each day as it comes and try to do my best with it. But looking closer, I discovered that I have been creating a sort of balance in my life. My schedule is pretty full (and I just got another student for Wednesdays) but I have spaced it out so there is enough free time in between so I can write. And my gym class balances my sedentary life as a writer, and my yoga class balances my sore gym muscles and soothes me.
And coffee wakes me up!!
It's time for gym!
Hurrah for coffee!!!


Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

Coffee really makes me fly and get all fluttery inside when I have too much or it’s too strong, but I love it just the same.

Yoga and I don’t gel. I’ve tried it a few times but just can’t get into most of the positions. I do enjoy doing Pilates. I got a machine a couple of years ago and I’m amazed at how good I feel when I do the stretching exercises.

As for balance--my life is like a madhouse. LOL My plate is always full and I’m forever juggling, but you know what, Sam? Honestly, I’d really never wish for it to be any other way. It works for me and I’m happy. Oddly enough, I think I work best under deadlines and pressure. :-)

Gabriele C. said...

Hehe, you should get your hands on the Kaffeekantate (Coffee Cantata) by Bach. He warns about the dangers of too much coffee in a fun way.

And demonstrates that not all cantatas were about religious themes back then. ;)

Bonita said...

I never drink coffee, but I like the smell of it when my husband brews some. I have been doing yoga, pilates, and balance ball for over 8 years now. I love doing these things, although I do them in my exercise room (off my bedroom) at home. I have found I will not keep up a exercise program if I have to leave my house to go there. I exercise in the early morning so I will not make up excuses during the day for reasons not to. LOL

Kate R said...

Coffee is one of the main reasons I don't abandon this plane (plain?) of existence.

Hey, OT. Check this link someone sent me:

HA! When is your month again?

Of course it's only fair. On Amazon I was once listed as the author of a book I hadn't written (it was by another Kate at least)

Kate R said...

I've decided I'm going to run with this mix up. Yup.

Sam said...

Hi Daisy,
I think a madhouse life is about all I can manage too, lol. But it would kill most people I know!
Gabriele, I think I've heard the Kenffeekantate, but I'll go check. Don't they use it for cartoons sometimes?
Isn't coffee religion??

Sam said...

Bonita - I love the smell of coffee too. When I was little I used to walk home past a coffee shop, and I always stopped and walked in, took a deep breath and said "Ahh!" the owner was a very old man who would give me matchbooks from the shop (I guess he hadn't heard about the dangers of playing with matches, lol)

Sam said...

Kate -
What? LOL - I looked and was surprised. My month is February. I'm off to see if they switched you and me around, lol.

Kate R said...

check out my bloggola. or maybe the people doing the listing should check it out. Helps define the differences.