Sunday, September 03, 2006

My bright and shiny new blog!

I love my new blog look - thank you Daisy Mae for fixing this up for me!!!
(if you want a bright and shiny new blog look, click on Daisy's link on the side bar - she's got some great designs!)

It's early Sunday morning. Today I'm heading into Paris to meet some friends. I'm going to spend the day there and then we'll all meet my husband for dinner somewhere. My friends have mostly come in for the 'pret a porter' show here in Paris - two of my friends are buyers and one has a stand, so I'm going to go check it out.
I'm not a fashion victim - like I said before, I buy most of my clothes from Ye Olde Thrifte Shoppe - but my friends don't get to Paris often and I want to see them!!!
Maybe I'll even see some clothes I like, lol.
My husband said to my daughter the other day "Your mom doesn't care what she puts on in the morning."
I overheard that and wasn't sure if he was vexed about having a wife who jumped out of bed and grabbed whatever was on top of the laundry pile, or if he liked having a wife that didn't spend an hour every morning trying to decide what to wear.
I went to Catholic school and wore a uniform - and I loved not having to think about what to wear. I believe I grew out of being fashion-conscious in school. Never having to worry about what I was wearing or what anyone else wore was very liberating for a teen, honest.
My daughter announced her school was going to make the students wear a uniform - and she was thrilled. She agrees with me about the advantages of a uniform (she's not a teen yet - of course she agrees with me) but I was happy to hear that. Too many girls in my daughter's class dress like - well - provocative doesn't begine to describe it. I'm sure you've seen the sexy barbie look - well, it scares me. I don't know what the mothers are thinking.
I think the uniform will be more along the lines of a suggestion here - like navy blue pants, white shirts, and navy pullovers, for example. I'll be interested to see.
What do you think about uniforms for school?


Karen Scott said...

Oh too pretty!

December Quinn said...

Love the new look!

I love school uniforms, too. I always wanted to wear them when I was young (I was one of those wierd kids who wanted uniforms and strict discipline, instead of my stupid horrible junior high). My daughters will both have uniforms, being here, and I'm glad. It's so much easier to get the Princess up and dressed in the morning when her clothes all go together; just grab a shirt, a skirt, tights, and one of her school jumpers and she's done.

In fact, I'm tempted to create my own uniform and wear that all the time...wanna help? :-)

Cheyenne McCray said...

I love your new blog look!! It's awesome. As far as uniforms, never had to wear them and can't say that I'd want to. I know my 3 sons would have individual cows. *g*

Bonita said...

This new blog look reflects your personality -- perfect!

I personally like school uniforms both from a child's point-of-view and from a Mom's. The parish in La. I live in has mandated school uniforms in all public schools for student safety and it is a huge help (not only with safety, but with the classic "what do I wear today" question). Plus with all students dressing in uniforms, some of the ugly jealousy and flaunting problems are solved (or at least lessened).

Andrew said...

That's an interesting perspective on wearing school uniforms. I wonder how many teen girls would have the opposite reaction and feel constrained or repressed?

I like the new look too. Congratulations!

To Love, Honor and Dismay

Erin the Innocent said...

I love the new look for your blog Sam :) It looks fantastic.

As for school uniforms ... I wish more schools had them. I am in total agreement with you on how young kids dress now. It's way too provocative. I work in a school and a few of us have been suggesting for years that there should be a school uniform. So far we've had no luck.

Daisy Mae said...

Oh shucks, thanks Sam. I'm just sorry I couldn't do a bwtter job on the hair.

I have to say I wuold have hated uniforms when I was in school if it meant I would have had to wear a skirt or dress. I am definately a jeans person. My daughter went through a "uniform phase" when she was in high school and she started wearing catholic school uniforms. she was quite the trend setter and other kids in her school started doing it too. The funny thing was it wasn't a catholoc school, it was a public school. If she HAD to wear a uniform it would have been a different story.

Sam said...

Daisy Mae, I love the hair, lol!
Thanks for the compliments about the blog December, Karen, Erin, Bonita, and Chey!
I know a lot of girls who are horrified at the idea of wearing a uniform, and I know I dug my heels in at first. But after a few months I came to realize how much easier it had made my life, and I even started to like my white blouse and knee socks - although I never really got to lke my clunky plaid pleated woolen skirt!!

Wynn Bexton said...

Sam, my stupid computer is operating on Safe Mode these days so it isn't really showing off your blog properly but I loved the green colour.

Re the uniforms. We didn't have to wear them but there were strict dress codes when I was in high school No slacks! Not even in winter. And no makeup. The 'uniform' was cashmere cardigan, blouse and tartan kilt skirts or glen-plaid. It appalls me to see the way the young kids are dressing these days and there needs to be some kind of dress code to control them showing up for class looking like provokative little tramps. And even the boys, with their baggy pants hanging down. So sloppy! Bare midriffs and navels are for the beach!

Kay Richardson said...

Wow. It's pink and green and everything. I empathise with your daughter. Whenever I wear uniform, I feel sparkly.