Sunday, September 24, 2006

I won't charge 95$

I was surprised to see one of my books is selling on Amazon for 95$!

OK - if anyone has read book one, and wants book 2 or 3, just e-mail me. I know Jacobyte books went out of business and the books are out of print - but I have doc. files that I will sell for 5$. Let me know if you want to finish the series. I won't charge 95$!

: -)


Ann Jacobs said...

$95? Wow! I thought it was cool when somebody was trying to sell one of my out-of-print Berkley books for $20 on Amazon a couple of years back, but this is amazing!

Just think how much you'd make if you actually got royalties on a $95 book (assuming people bought them, LOL.)

Sam said...

I was just thinking that...