Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I have a schedule (gasp!)

I'm working two part time jobs this year - and no, two part times don't make a whole, lol, and it only adds up to about twelve hours a week of real work. The rest of the time I get to write, which is lucky as I have three dealines for this month, and a translating job sitting on my desk that I stare at every once and a while and sort of shudder. Well, not shudder exactly, but I think I'll take a couple aspirin before I start - there are a lot of technical and colloquial phrases in it.
SO, I printed up some handy-dandy schedule sheets, another two calendars (remember how obsessed I am with calendats, lol) and I have made myself a schedule.
It might not seem like such a big deal to you, but I have dyslexia, and time, numbers, right, and left have no meaning to me. Left on my own, I probably would not eat and sleep but rather just keep going until I keeled over.
Last year, the village put in a clock on the church tower and now the bells ring the hour - and that's incredibly helpful. So I am finding ways of scheduling my days, and my life is now regimented like a soldier's. Hup-two! Wake up at 7, jogging at 8, shower at 9, work until 12, lunch and housework until 2, work until 4:30, part time job until 6:30, then dinner, kids, and more work on deadlines until 11p.m.
On Wednesdays and Saturdays that all changes, my other part-time job kicks in, and on Tuesdays and Thurdays the jogging is replaced by gym.
On Sunday she rested and didn't get out of bed.


Jona said...

Sounds a little too familiar...

Sometimes I wonder why I thought being a grown up would be more fun!

Sam said...

Well, as a kid I had my parents and teachers to schedule my time. When I grew up I was sort of lost. The only time I did have a 9-5 job I got fired because I was always late. :-(

Tara Marie said...

Yikes, you sound busy.

LOVE the new look, I'm finally getting time to blog hop and this is fabulous!!!

Xico Rocha said...

Congratulations for your blog.
Xico Rocha

Bonita said...

Sounds like you have a busy, but fun, schedule. Since I am slightly dyslexic and my daughter is more so, I can totally relate to your calendars and clocks. LOL