Thursday, September 28, 2006

Life in France part 3

Things that drive me crazy:

There are no sidewalks here. Well, in the big cities and towns, of course. But in my town, in most of the country towns, there are no sidewalks.

For a country so in love with the bicycle - they are woefully behind in bike paths. There are no bike paths, and even in Paris, there are only a few. For bike paths, one must go to the public gardens or parks - and even then it's not sure they have them.

The drivers are mad.

The waiters are mostly obnoxious (except in the restaurant across the street from me.)

Anyone who works in the 'function publique' is obnoxious. They can't be fired, so they pretty much do as they like, which does not include work. They never work alone - always in pairs. And they do as little as possible. It is Extremely frustrating. They Never answer the phone.

The internet is still slower here than anywhere else.

French movies, books, and music is awful. There is a sort of law that says anything the French like, no one else will like, and huge best sellers in the US, for example, flop miserably here. I've only seen a couple French films I like, and only one or two musicians rock my boat (Francis Cabrel is one of them.)

Tomorrow - things I love!


John Nez said...

LOL! French movies... there's a subject for debate.

I'd say that somewhat akin to goat cheese, it took me years to gain an affection for french movies. They seemed to have no plot! They seemed to just be about any random day in french culture instead of anything more meaningful.

But gradually I began to enjoy them for their uneventfulness. I suppose people like watching golf for the same reason.

But there are notable exceptions!

Amelie, A Very Long Engagement, Girl on a Bridge and I was captivated by the three films in 'The Fanny Trilogy' by Pagnot... shot beginning in the 1930's. Pagnot seems to be the quintessential capture of french culture. But that's only my guess, since the closest I've been to france is only what I saw france out the window of a jet on the way to Milano.

Still, the plotlessness can be refreshing... and it's own reward.

Sam said...

Oh, there are a few I like - and one just came out this week that I'd like to go see about the soldiers from North Africa.
But I sort of need a plot, lol.

Daisy Mae said...

Ah yes, Amelie, I LOVED that movie.

The things you mentioned were dreary for sure but since you are still there that must mean there is much more to love about France than dislike. I can hardly wait until the next post to find out the things you love about France!