Monday, September 04, 2006


OK, I admit. I sent a query and first page to Miss Snark for her Crapometer.
I wasn't sure how it worked, never having participated in a crapometer before, but let me tell you - I got GREAT feedback.
She doesn't pull her punches, but she gave me some excellent advice.
And so I'd like to say THANK YOU MISS SNARK for giving so much of your time and energy in helping us struggling writers. Because it's ture - no matter how many books you publish it's always a struggle to write. It's a struggle to start a new book, to outline (what I'm thrashing through right now - two outlines for my agent) & wrap everything up in a satisfying ending.
It's very hard to craft a first page that will hook the reader and make him want to keep reading.
Miss Snark might be snarky, she's also terrific. And if I knew who she was, I'd send her a pail of gin.
Now I don't know the politics of a crapometer, so I'm not telling which number my entry was, lol. Can you guess?


Gabriele C. said...

How can you be such a tease? ;)

There's no politics involved, btw, some people have come forth on Miss Snark's blog or their own; there's no rule against it.

Sam said...

OK, I guess I can say - it's #26

Gabriele C. said...

Ah, the one with the German under the bed. Definitely keep Karl. :)

I didn't make the lottery - well, maybe it's just well because my beginning is too slow as well.

Sam said...

OK - I revised and posted the whole thing here:
Interesting I guess if you want to see how I picked up the pace and cut back on backstory.
(ouch, it hurts to cut) LOL

Gabriele C. said...

Hey, I had no idea you have a LJ. I friended you; I'm aulus_poliutos there, though post more on my blog than my LJ.

December Quinn said...

I really liked that one! I thought the first paragraph was one of the best ones we've seen.

Sam said...

Thanks December!!!
I'm polishing and polishing to send it to my agent. We'll see.
Crossing fingers and all that.

I'll friend you too Gabriele! Thanks!!

City Slicker said...

Excellent, Really enjoyed this one. Definitely go for it!