Saturday, April 02, 2005


I am just starting a book, and have another book coming out in April, and another (My Fair Pixie) that just came out last week. All three are novellas, but they need as much promotion as a full length novel. So, I'm out there promoting. Last night I spent 6 hours online at a chat loop reading fortunes and giving prizes as part of my promotion for 'Pixie'. And next week I'll have to think of something to promote Revelations (The Tarot worked pretty well - maybe I'll try that on another list, but not so many hours - it wiped me out. I've been sleeping all day.)
Promoting includes announcements: Online, on my chat lists, on my newsletters (I have three) and on my website. It also means trolling other lists I don't usually hang out on and posting 'Promo' posts (which most people skip - so I don't know if they are that effective.) *sigh*
It means going to conventions, which I like. I have one coming up end of this month (and I still don't have my bookmarks - Grrrr) and one in May in Germany, which is a lot of fun. (And a helluva lot cheaper than the RT convention. Shheesh. Don't they know authors are on a budget???)
Well - as long as I'm promoting - head over to and get a copy of My Fair Pixie!

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Wynn Bexton said...

Good luck with all your promos, Sam. Busy, ambitious and focused. Inspiring indeed! wynn