Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Convention!

Would you believe I'm packed already??? I am so nervous. Mostly because I'm already star-struck. I'm going to meet authors who's books I've read and loved, and maybe even get to talk to them!! I'm even nervous about meeting my roommates, lol. I have been in admiration of Ann Jacobs for so long...and I'm going to share a room with her! (OK - I know I sound like a doofus, but I can't help it. I'm really excited by all this!) I'm going to meet my editors, my author friends, readers who are on my lists (people I've been dying to meet for years!) So of course it's starting to really sink in now. I'm off to RT. Can't wait. Will write all about it. (Promised a friend an article about it for her newsletter - so I have to take notes, lol.)
I wish I had a digital camera. I must be the only person without one.
(I'm so nervous!!!)
(I think I have to unpack and repack a couple times - just to make sure I didn't forget anything.)


Wynn Bexton said...

As they say in Greece, "kalo taxidi" good trip, and bon voyage too! Where is this convention?

and aren't the only one without a digital camera. I don't have one either.

Have fun!

R. Scott Whitley said...

You guys really should get a digital camera. They will really change the way you take pictures. You end up with a great deal more "true life" pictures because you aren't worried about film... Some of the best pictures of my son were just snapped and not planned at all...

Never been to convention... Sounds pretty cool.

Me <----Romance Virgin

Jaynie R said...

Have fun dude. I'm so jealous. *g* It's going to be a promo item slut's dream.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy yourself! Think about all the group members at home who wish they were there. Take great notes and share them with the groups through your blog, also.