Tuesday, April 19, 2005


I just got my bookmarks today - they didn't come out the color I expected, but they are very pretty, and I have 500 of them, so I can spread the joy.
Actually, I have to stuff one bookmark into 400 bags at the RT convention. I figure that will pretty much wipe me out for the entire convention, lol. I get in Wed. night, around 5 pm. I have to go straight to the conference room with my bookmarks, because there is an Ellora's Cave party that evening, and since these are the Ellora's Cave bags, no one will be there after 7 pm, so I have to hurry.
The theme of the Ellora's Cave party is 'What's your Fantasy?' I was thinking of going as a naughty school girl (mostly because it's an easy costume to throw together - who doesn't own a white shirt and a tie?) But then I heard other authors going as naughty school girls, and thought I didn't want to be part of a class. I am stuck here. Any suggestions? I know it's supposed to be my fantasy, but that's silly - because my fantasy would be a viril pirate (thought you'd like that Wynn, lol) or a rough and tough cowboy - (or a polo player...lol)
So I have to dress up like someone else's fantasy, obviously.
Which would be...........?


Wynn Bexton said...

Well, yes, the pirate would be top choice. Or perhaps a gypsy. But I recall once having an Irma la Duce party and having great fun dressing as a French hooker. Ooolalah...Also have enjoyed the wild west saloon girl kind of costumes with the short saucy dress and garters.

Anonymous said...

Oh too funny! A French hooker - great idea! lol!

Jaynie R said...

Why can't you go as a pirate? There are chicky pirates...and chicky polo players lol

That would be easy - just raid hubby's closet. *g*