Friday, April 08, 2005

Hubba hubba hunk!

Oh my. I just love the face of the guy on my new cover for Revelations.
He's sooooo...perfect.
When you write a book, you have the characters in your head and you see them perfectly. Then you get your cover and it's not always what you thought your character looked like. (I mean, that's fine by me - never judge a book by its cover etc. etc.) But this guy's face is even Better than I imagined my hero - so how's that for a compliment?? (click over onto my site to check out the hunky cover at

And if you like judging books by their covers, trot over to this site:
and vote for your favorite best, (and worst) covers of 2004.
OR -
Where really awful covers get hysterically trashed.

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Wynn Bexton said...

Wow! I checked out your site. Yesiree he's certainly hunky-dory! There's a guy like that who occasionally comes to the bistro I frequent. I call him The Bodyguard (because he is, sort of) You should see the build on him and the long curly love-locks hanging down. Me-oh-my! I swear he's been a model for some of those books of yours!