Thursday, April 07, 2005

2,000 pages!

I received several requests for the full Iskander series. (Now a trilogy) So, blithely I called Ann and asked her to print up and send it out, and let me know how much I owed her for the trouble.
Did you know that the 2,000 page trilogy takes up a whole box and weighs 25 pounds? That's two-thousand pages. Twenty Five pounds. I'm praying the delivery boy doesn't drop it on anyone's foot. I can't imagine that would make the agent / publisher feel any more kindly toward the book. Has anyone else (besides Diana Gabaldon) sent off such a mammoth to their agent? I'm wondering what the agent I sent it to will think.
"I'm sorry - there must be a mistake. I didn't order a washing machine." Or, "I can't believe she sent the WHOLE thing."
(a request for a full means the whole thing, right?)
I'm wondering if the agent will be at the RT convention, and if, in that case, I should seek her out and apologise abjectly, or avoid her altogether.
Maybe she has a particular slush pile reader she hates and she will gleefully point to the refrigerator-sized box and say, "Read this by Monday'. This same monster has gone to several publishers as well, but for some reason, I imagine publishers are more equipped to handle half-ton deliveries than agents. (Boxes of books arrive all the time at the publisher, right?)
I hope I haven't committed a literary 'faux pas'. At any rate, I certainly owe Ann a great deal - paper, ink, postage, and some new shoulders...

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Wynn Bexton said...

Well now, isn't that a coinkidink? Your humungous MSS is the "Iskander" collection? That is the name of one of my main protagonists (Alexander's son) and my MSS is another one of those humungous over-weight numbers too!