Thursday, April 03, 2008

A New Food Study

I just got finished reading my son's Sciences et Avenir magazine - great magazine, BTW. It has a whole section of food and healthy eating. Nothing we didn't suspect before - fatty, salty, smoked things are Baaaaaad. Fruits and Lots of Veggies are Goooood. OK - here is something interesting: Green tea is good for men, so I'm making my husband drink lots of green tea. He's very cool, and lets me fix him green tea all day. A big change, usually he's drinking coffee. Go hubby!
Milk and dairy products are bad for men. So I've taken away his yoghurt and cheese, and replaced them with applesauce and fresh apples and carrot sticks. No complaints yet. He's such a trooper! I don't know when it will dawn on him that I'm not serving cheese after every meal...
And some great NEWS - I got the rights to HORSE PASSAGES back and I'm going to publish it as an e-book (first time in e-book format!) It will be Re-Edited, and Re-Issued at Calderwood Books SOON. I will keep you informed!
Here is the new cover - what do you think?


Oopsy Daisy said...

I love the new cover! I have to say, Horse Passages is oneof my fav books, even though it's a YA book. Awesome job on that one!

Wynn Bexton said...

A very dramatic, mysterious cover. I like it a lot!

calderwoodbooks said...

Thank you Daisy!! And Thank you Wynn!
I'm excited about getting Horse Passages in e-book format. I'm glad you like the cover!


John Nez said...

Excellent cover image... the intrigue of the dark and the character looking back at something we don't know really pulls you in.

Green tea is my favorite... along with Soy Silk... which is like milk only it's all soy. Chocolate, vanilla and they even used to make a Mocha.

Bernita said...

An excellent cover.