Friday, April 11, 2008


Yes, after the rain, the snow, the sleet, and the hail...Spring has finally decided to show up, and what a show it's putting on! My tulips are blooming, there are flowers everywhere, the cherry tree has put on her wedding dress, and we had to mow the lawn before it got to be a pasture.
Auguste is being Houdini again, so the poor guy is on his chain. It's a nice, long chain, but he's miserable. Yesterday the postwoman brought him back (again). She's awfully nice, and she likes Auguste. Yesterday I was at the pool in between working on the documents. Today I'm off to Andrea's house for lunch (in between documents, which reminds me, I really have to get cracking here...)

So yes, I have two new part-time jobs now besides the Calderwood Books site and my own writing. I have a couple queries out, and I'm waiting for a response on a partial I sent. Oh, yes, and the most important news:

nothing but red is out!

It is available as an e-book (a very nice e-book, I might add. I love my pdf copy!)

And as a paperback book (I plan to get one of those too)

It's for a good cause. (You can click on the banner to buy)
Thank you!


Charles Gramlich said...

Sounds like you are terribly busy. I know the feeling at the moment and am looking forward to a break.

Nothing but Red is certainly a worthy cause.

Gabriele C. said...

Back when my parents lived in a village and I visited on the weekends, a neighbour had a horse like that. I've spent hours collecting the old girl from orchards, meadows and shrubberies within several miles distance. The owner worked weekends and his wife was afraid of the horse.

In the end she managed to get involved with a stallion and one day there was one extra horse in the grazing. Yes, she had added a bit weight during winter, but none of us got the idea it could be that.

So better make sure Auguste won't get the village biches pregnant. :)

John Nez said...

Yesterday was freezing... scarves, gloves & hat required.

Today it's tee shirt weather!

Tomorrow the rumor is for 70 degrees... which sounds unreal.

Barefoot at last!
Finally a little Global warming!