Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Pot and Kettle...

I've been cheering the rabble-rousers as they cause havoc with the Olympic Torch. There is nothing more wrong than a country invading and occupying another country against the peoples' wills. China's attempt to control the water (Tibet is all about water, in case you were wondering what the heck the Chinese were doing there - most of China's water supply and rivers come from or originate in tibet...) is putting a culture in danger.
But how is China's taking over Tibet any different than the US in Iraq?
Just so that you know - the Chinese claim the Tibetians are terrorists and anarchists, determined to cause trouble...
From the Guardian:

"A confidential draft agreement covering the future of US forces in Iraq, passed to the Guardian, shows that provision is being made for an open-ended military presence in the country.
The draft strategic framework agreement between the US and Iraqi governments, dated March 7 and marked "secret" and "sensitive", is intended to replace the existing UN mandate and authorises the US to "conduct military operations in Iraq and to detain individuals when necessary for imperative reasons of security" without time limit.
The authorisation is described as "temporary" and the agreement says the US "does not desire permanent bases or a permanent military presence in Iraq". But the absence of a time limit or restrictions on the US and other coalition forces - including the British - in the country means it is likely to be strongly opposed in Iraq and the US.
Iraqi critics point out that the agreement contains no limits on numbers of US forces, the weapons they are able to deploy, their legal status or powers over Iraqi citizens, going far beyond long-term US security agreements with other countries. The agreement is intended to govern the status of the US military and other members of the multinational force..."

That's what China is to Tibet - a military occupation, with the power to "...detain individuals when necessary for imperative reasons of security" without time limit."

So, how can we, as Americans, even start to mention boycotting the Olympics (Hilary) or plan to disrupt the torch bearing ceremony (in San Franscisco - for example, they are already planning a protest.)

Is this a case of calling the kettle black?
Or are all countries the same?
Is it time for a revolution yet?


Connie said...

Great post!

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