Monday, April 07, 2008

My Town Monday

I live in Montchauvet, a tiny (population 200) village about an hour west of Paris in the countryside. Our biggest claim to fame is our church - part of it is the original gothic building, dating from 1031. There is also a bridge from around the 12th century, a ruined tower from the tenth century, and vestiges of older buildings in the form of piles of mossy stones in the nearby forest.Nothing exciting happens here, unless the cows get out and block the road. The peace and quiet is actually quite nice. We have a restaurant in the village that is well-known, otherwise, except for a sprinkling of tourists, we're pretty much alone.

If you've been reading my blog, you'll know that I've been complaining about lack of snow this winter. (Last winter. It's now spring, right?)

Well, yesterday huge snowflakes drifted down, and this morning, we had a frosting of snow on the ground. (It's mostly gone by this time - it's a balmy day). So I had my snow.
I ran outside and took pictures of the snow falling. I took pictures of my pot of pansies with snow on them. I took pictures of my handprint in the snow, with August's paw prints next to them (and his nose print, as he licked at the snow).

I took a walk while it snowed last night (it was so wet it was like walking in the rain, and it was cold and miserable out, so I didn't walk for long.) But I had my snow! I had been missing it! I guess it must be from growing up in the tropics. I really think snow is something special. Of course, I don't live in upstate NY, where snow is something to be suffered...We don't get drifts, we get frosting.


Terrie Farley Moran said...

Hi Sam,

I love this kind of snow. I live in New York but spend much of the winter in Florida so when I come home in early March, I am always hoping for a few flakes while everyone else has had enough?

Where exactly are you?


Sam said...

Hi Terrie - thanks for dropping in!
I'm in France, about 50 minutes west of Paris, in a tiny town called Montchauvet.

Barrie said...

How very amazing to live so close to something so old...

Looking forward to more Monday posts from your little corner of the world. ;)


Travis Erwin said...

Glad you added the bit extra at the top.(least I didn't see it the first time I read this post.)

And gald y9ou got some snow even if it is springtime.

Mark Reep said...

Hi Sam- Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for the kind words- Always nice to hear from you. Here in North Central PA, we don't get nearly the snow our friends in upstate NY get, but we do get our share. Not so much this winter, but it has been a long one- Last night was the first we've heard peepers, and the air actually felt and smelled like spring. Always encouraging :) I haven't put away the snow shovels yet, but hopefully I won't need them again :) Love the old church; have you posted any shots of the bridge you mentioned?

Debbielou said...

Hi Sam
Thanks for dropping by at my Blog
Beautiful photos, I'm looking forward to learning more about this lovely part of France

debra said...

A town smaller than my village! It looks like a lovely place, Sam. We had plenty of snow this year--the last snowstorm dumped 22 inches on us. Good to find you---the pansies are wonderful!

lyzzydee said...

I love France and I have spent many happy holidays there!!
I know what you mean about the snow, we have been lacking of late. We have had the same frosting over the past couple of days, so i rushed out with my camera as well!!!

sex scenes at starbucks said...

We had exactly that sort of snow in CO today--though the ski resorts got hammered, again. Too bad I hung up my board so early this year.

Beautiful church.

Gabriele C. said...

I love the church.

I wonder, do you get any Roman remains in the surroundings?

Connie said...

Beautiful pansies!

Madison had record snow fall this year. Just having a 'frosting' instead would be ideal.

Always enjoy the photos here. Sounds like a very nice quiet place to live.

WordVixen said...

Oh, historical landmarks are my weakness.

John Nez said...

Glad you got your snow at last. There's nothing else quite like it.

It's amazing how Spring has the reputation of being bright and full of flowers, when it seems that's when it snows the most!

Snow predicted for the weekend here!