Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Women voters

I wasn't going to write about the elections, I was going to write about my landlord popping by unannounced and falling down my stairs.

I've been following all that's happening with interest, of course, but in a typical 'Sam' fashion, since I'd already decided who I would vote for even Before he announced he was officially running for president, I haven't been reading all the nonsense about Hilary VS Obama. Until I noticed an article in the Washington Post , and then read the rebuttal over at the Guardian US.
In a nutshell, the Washington Post article claims women are not as bright as men in general, and the Gardian makes mention of the fact that any (Democrat) woman who voted for Obama instead of Hilary was not a feminist.
According to some people, if I'm a woman, I'm expected to vote for a woman to show my 'support' for women.
Well, sorry. I'm a woman and I will show my support to the candidate I believe can do the better job. I will vote for whomever I want to vote for. That is called being a liberated woman. And I don't buy the Washington Post's article about women being less intelligent than men. I find about the same amount of smart and stupid people in both sexes. I think that the woman who wrote the article was just being provacative, but she has placed herself firmly in my 'stupid' list.

And my landlord is fine. But her butt is sore. And I have a hard time feeling sorry for someone who drops by without calling. I did give her some tea and arnica, and listened to her for two hours while she moaned about everything. I think I'll need a vacation after this vacation.


Travis Erwin said...

I guess if I voted for Hilary I'd no longer be a real man.

Why can't the focus be on voting for the candidate that most suits your own beliefs?

December/Stacia said...

Oooh, nothing makes me angrier than the idea that because I'm a woman I should be voting for a woman. Shouldn't I be using my brain, instead of some strange "female unity" hormone or something? It's so sexist to assume gender is the most important thing to me or any woman in an election.

Bernita said...

Patriarchy: If you don't do this, you're not feminine.
Uber Feminist: If you don't do this, you're not a feminist.
Same shit, different pile.

Sam said...

Travis - I think you'd be a feminist if you vote for Hilary, which is what a couple of my uncles will be if I've understood family politics correctly.

December - yes OOOOOhhh!!! indeed!
I am the first to stand up when it comes to standing up for women, but this is sexist as opposed to racist and it raises my hackles.

Bernita - Yes, totally the same shit. :-D

John Nez said...

I saw on MSNBC that they claimed that Hillary's narrow win in Texas was because Rush Limbaugh had urged Republicans to vote for her... because it was thought she would be easier to beat than Obama in November.

I saw somewhere that the exit polls were 8% of Hillary's votes from Republicans. No doubt they were Republicans first and women second!