Sunday, March 09, 2008


I'm looking toward future puppies. Auguste is going to be a Daddy! He's such a nice dachshund that my neighbors mentioned him to a man who wants to breed his dachshund, and he came over to see Auguste. Auguste always makes a good impression.
He doesn't bark when someone knocks at the door.
He doesn't jump up on your legs.
He's friendly and sweet with children.
my daughter has taught him lots of tricks such as sitting up and begging. I didn't know he could do that!
(He's mostly obediant except when he's got an idea in his head. His little brain only holds one idea at a time. So if he's running after a cat, he can't hear when you shout his name...)
He's a good size and was confirmed by a judge so he's got good papers and he's an excellent hunter. (Dachshunds are blood dogs, following trails, and are also diggers and used to hunt foxes and badgers).
All this must have impressed the bitch's owner, because he's decided to use Auguste as the sire.
My daughter is thrilled.
We get pick of the litter.
Then we have to sell the puppy. Two dogs is enough.
But I already know someone who wants one of Auguste's puppies, so we're already looking forward to the puppy adventure!

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Wynn Bexton said...

Ah...puppies are so sweet. I used to breed Yorkshire Terriers.