Sunday, March 09, 2008

vacation is Over

And everyone goes back to school tomorrow. I spent the last two weeks with at least three kids at home at all time - sometimes four or five. Loved it. Kids all together entertain each other, and I was free to clean, cook, and...Wait a minute, did I go insane?

Several apple crumbles, one chili, one chicken in the pot, rice, rice, rice, and BLT's were on the menu during vacation. We're way overdrawn so I can't use my credit card. that meant - no unnecessary driving (I pay 40 Euros to fill my tank guys - that's like 50 bucks). No frills eating. I made apple crumbles for tea time, (no French child can be without his or her tea time snack) and apple crumbles are way cheaper than cookies. Anyway it's Lent, right? Eat it and shut up. Plain rice is good for you.

My daughter is terrific. She is my fan, and I'm hers. We cheer each other on. Right now she's bugging me to write a book in French, and it's exhausting. I did five pages today.

My daughter is funny, and has the most amazing laugh. I love when she laughs, and she laughs about everything.

She is Great to have around.

My daughter is a Civil War fanatic. She wants to go back to Gettysburg this summer. She has watched Gettysburg at least five times. She just watched Cold Mountain, and liked it up until the hero starts walking home and there was no more war story. She just turned it off and went to put the dogs out. Now I ask you - who can be hooked on a film for the first half, and not give a damn about the ending????

I read the book so I know what happens, but she didn't even ask me.


John Nez said...

4 or 5 kids! I thought you only had 3... unless more appeared from the tulip garden.

That daughter sounds wonderful... whereas I had an awful time with my boys as teenagers. I didn't hear my one son laugh for 2 years... everything was all just a tragedy.

But things are better now... a light at the end of the tunnel... getting brighter every day.


Sam said...

Hi Jonn,
One of my sons was like that too - doom and gloom for two years. Now he's much better. He was always such a nutty kid, so it was disturbing to see him get so withdrawn and sad.
The kids were some of mine and lots of friends. I do like a house full of kids - (when they all get along...)

Kate R said...

Your daughter and my oldest kid both love learning about the civil war. Well, well.

All three of mine have had that emo stages. Youngest is hitting it now at 11.

Speaking of emotional outrage, thanks for trashing my perfectly good rant.

Travis Erwin said...

Sorry your vacation is ending mine 9 glorious days off starts in two days.

Gabriele C. said...

Ouch, plain rice is so NOT good for me; I'm allergic to it.