Saturday, March 15, 2008

Faith in Human nature restored

I was reading the NY Times and the Guardian today.
They found the little girl in England who has been missing for 24 days. She's alive and well.
I can just imagine her family's joy and relief.

Also - Quoted from an article about Paterson by Bob Herburt in the NY Times - Spitzer called Paterson. "...He said, ‘I’m going to resign.’ And then, at that turbulent moment in his life, he gave me (Paterson) such a kind compliment. He said, ‘David, I told you that in the event I didn’t serve my full term that I wanted a person there who understood how Albany worked and could work well with colleagues. Right now, as bad as I feel about myself, I am so happy about convincing you to come with me.’ ”

There are such decent people out there.
If only more were in charge.

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