Tuesday, April 17, 2007

2 things at once...

I used to be able to do two things at once. At least, I'm pretty sure. But lately I have been getting into trouble with my penchant for juggling tasks. My latest endeavor was mowing the lawn while baking a cake. I admit the oven was too hot, but I should have caught it beforehand. My goose-egg cake is burned. I have tried to salvage it, but I don't know if it will be any good.

The other things I burned the other day were the sausages I put on the grill, then ran inside to make the salad. But the sausages burned. Luckily I had some wild boar steaks that I'd been planning on serving the next evening. I tossed those on the grill and watched them carefully.

This morning I took my husband to the airport and was stuck in traffic for an hour on the way home, so I'm feeling tired. I still have to take my daughter to the dentist and I'd really like to finish the book I'm editing. (I will not edit while driving, never fear!)

Hubby has just called - he's safely arrived in Spain where he's staying for two weeks. Lucky guy! I love Spain. But the weather here is resolutely summer still, so I'll not complain.

Instead, I will fix myself another cup of coffee and go keep an eye on my goose egg cake!

I just tasted the cake. It is unedible.
My son looked at it, said 'Uck', and went out for a jog.
Auguste seems to like it.
He's a weird dog.


Rosie said...

Ah...the joys of multi-tasking. My worst fault was trying to handle problems or situations at work while driving. Never had an accident (Thank God) but I'm sure I've annoyed anyone on the road with me at the time. My kids finally sat me down and told me they are scared when I'm driving and talking on the phone so I stopped.

Of course, that leaves everything else wide open. ;)

Oopsy Daisy said...

My big thing is to burn the carrots. Silly rabbit.

My hubby can't multi-task. When he cooks he will cook the rice. When it is done he will cook the veggie. When it is done he will put the chicken on the grill. When it is done we eat hot chicken and cold sides. Usually at 9pm even though he started cooking at 6 pm.

So what does a Boar steak taste like? Boar is a wild pig, right? Is it a pork taste or a taste unto itself?

ORION said...

I SO love your new blog look!
Sorry I have been remiss to stop by. Is your hubby playing polo? Is it really summer there now?
I FROZE in New York.

Sam said...

Hi Rosie!
If only I could convince my husband to stop! He's addicted to his cell phone in the car!

Daisy - LOL about your hubby's cooking method! Wild boar tastes very much like roast beef, it looks like roast beef - and it's very good on the grill.

Pat - thank you! And Welcome back - your NY odysee sounded Wonderful! I'm so pleased for you!!!

Anonymous said...

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