Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Spring colors and fossils

Yesterday I went for a walk and took some pictures of the spring trees and stream.
I love the hazelnut tree, below, with the gold tassle-like flowers. The stream was sparkling, and a wild plum tree bloomed in the hedge.

Then I stopped by the fossil site and found two new fossils. They're the biggest ones I've found there yet, (about 2 inches long) and in good condition. The recent rains must have washed them out of the sand. For those interested in fossils, here are the two shells I found. They're from the Eocene epoch / Lutecian stage (about 48 million yeas ago). I'm kind of nuts about old things, so this is fascinating to me, lol.

Hemicerithium imperfectum
Cerithium imperfectum

Plejona musicalis
Voluta musicalis


Anonymous said...

You found those?!?
Too cool!!
I hoped and prayed to find a fossil every time I went to Drumheller, but came home with nothing but a sunburn each time.

Oopsy Daisy said...

That's awesome! I went fossil hunting in Calgary Canada but didn't find anything. My friend had found fossilized leaves and such prior.

Anonymous said...

Fossil hunting in Calgary??
Are you sure you weren't a couple hours out of town...say in Drumheller?

Sam said...

Actually, the fossils are in a deposit of sand, and they're literally lying on the ground by the hundreds. The trick is finding the bigger ones that are intact. It's a well known fossil spot, so lots of rock hounds come to dig around.

Rhian / Crowwoman said...

the spring pics are pretty but those fossils are awesomely cool!!

Bernita said...

Aw, blossom time hasn't reached here yet.
And the fossils here are still embedded in limestone.