Sunday, April 29, 2007

The difference between men and women, and a new haircut

My hubby is back from his trip in Spain - and I saw him for about an hour before he was dashing off again - two polo games, two referee jobs, polo lessons, and hopefully he'll be able to relax Monday!
I got my hair cut - and of course he didn't notice; men do not notice this sort of thing.
There are other differences I've noted between men and women.
I'm reading a mystery thriller, and the hero is investigating his brother's death. He goes to ask some questions of a seedy character, and the seedy character gets scared, closes shop, jumps in his car, and goes to see his boss - thus leading hero straight to the big bad guy.
Now, if the seedy character had been a woman, this would not have worked and the hero would still be searching for the killer.
Does anyone know why?
I'll tell you.
Because a woman would pick up her phone and Call the boss. She would not close the shop, get in her car, and drive for a half an hour when she can pick up her phone and spend thirty seconds telling about the problem.
This is the truth.
How many times has my husband been halfway out the door, car keys in hand, to see someone or find out something, when he could just call? I usually point to the phone, and the yellow pages, because I've also noticed that he'd rather spend half an hour driving than spend seventeen seconds looking up a number in the phone book.
So, men don't notice hair cuts and they don't have the telephone reflex.
There are a few other differences.
My husband can ask me what time it is five times in fifteen minutes, and never listen to the answer. I've started saying things like 'It's half past seventy', and he'll grunt, and then a few mintutes later, ask what time it is. Men will ask a question, and not hear the answer. Why? I've yet to figure this one out.
I'm listening to Mika - his album is so bright and fun - I love it.
If you pop over to my MySpace page, you can hear one of his songs - or go to his page and listen to a couple!

Oh, and I redesigned the Calderwood Books page - please let me know what you think!


Bernita said...

A FEW differences?
~chortle, chortle~
One that puzzles me is why they say "I don't know where you keep the (items) so I put it there ( somewhere totally illogical)" when they've seen you stash such item a thousand times in its proper place.

Sam said...

I'm not a neat freak (like my hubby) but I know where everything is - just ask me, I'll tell you which drawer, or under which bed, the object is hiding lol.

My hubby never knows where the scissors are. He accuses me of hiding them. They have been hanging on the same hook for 6 years now.

Bonita said...

I am lucky that both my DH and my son notice clothes and haircuts (sometimes it would be better if they did not -- LOL), but they are definitely "neat" challenged. They will cook something, but ask me to get each ingredient and utensil they need -- LOLLOL.

Sam said...

Bonita - I envy you your attentive husband and son!
LOL - once I had a spot of black shoe polish on my chin - I'd given a quick polish to my shoes before going out with my husband. I got to the restaurant, and thank GOODNESS I went to wash my hands. A big black spot on my chin! YOu'd think he'd have said something!!!

Rhian / Crowwoman said...

the site looks great! what's eta on launch of pub house?

Seeley deBorn said...

The site is lovely. Is the art yours?

Sam said...

Hi Rhian!
We're still getting our starting line-up ready. Our editor is terrific - and alone, lol.
We want to open with a nice selection, so people will come back for more.

Thaks Seeley - yes, my art! It's part of a bigger drawing but I just needed the leaves. I would have LOVED to get one of Mark Reep's drawings (go check out his site, Dreams in Black and White - there's a link in my links, lol. Just gorgeous!!)

John Nez said...

Great site design... perfectly balanced and the art really sets the tone. Just right.

Web design is so much harder than it looks. Wrestling with HTML and frames and cell padding and all that can drive a person bonkers.

Sam said...

Thank you John - but this site is really easy to handle. I used to have a site where I had to wrestle with html and such - and it drove me batty.