Sunday, February 19, 2006

We are Happy today!

Well, my ear still hurts but that's all right - I just got an e-mail from the nice agent I submitted Jack to, and she loves it, and wants to sign me up!!!
(add more '!!!'s)
And I'm sitting here with the puppy asleep on my lap (and he smells funny - time for a puppy bath) trying to type and not wake him up, and I'm thrilled, just thrilled that Jack will be in such good hands.
Puppy is now snoring, I don't think I have to worry about waking him up. And Rusty has somehow squeezed herself in the puppy bed on the floor. She looks uncomfortable, but she was determined to sleep in the puppy bed.
Today's schedule:
1:Blog a bit about my good news!
2:Take daughter to pony club
3:Watch Olympics
4:Call friends and family & chat about good news!(it's Sunday and rates are lower so I usually call everyone on Sundays)
5:Pick up daughter from pony club
6:Watch more Olympics, day-dream some more about good news
Busy day in perspective.
Now if only puppy will wake up!


Ann Jacobs said...

Congratulations, Sam! Having a successful agent safari is sometimes more difficult than bagging elusive big game on a real safari... more dangerous, too, at least to the ego! I'm getting to feel left out, as I've had no success thus far in luring somebody to rep my stuff in NY!

Anyway, I'm cheering for you, and making note to look for your name on the bestseller lists before too long!

Sam said...

Thank you Ann!!
I've been agent-hunting for a LONG time, so I know how hard it is. It's a question of finding the perfect fit, and for this book, at least, I think I've found it.
This book is also a new style for me - a lot like my EC books, but not as hot, which is why I was wondering where to put it. I love writing for EC and I was upset thinking that this book wouldn't fit there, and I didn't want to send it anywhere else. So then I thought maybe an agent could help. And Voila!
I'm psyched!

Cheyenne McCray said...

YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! Congrats on the wonderful news!!!!! You deserve it! Funny but my password to login and publish is nobul. LOL

Sam said...

Thanks Chey!
Nobul as in Noble or No Bull? LOL!

Virenda said...

WOW, WTG!!!!!

What an awesome way to wake up! I bet your going to have an wonderful Sunday, enjoy the Olympics, and the good news.


Sam said...

Thanks Virenda -
Yes - a good Sunday all around!
(except the 4 kids decided to put the Nintendo on and I missed my hockey game! LOL) Oh well!!

Gabriele C. said...

Yay, congrats.

Karen Scott said...

Congrats Sam!!

Jona said...

That is wonderful news! Puppies and agents wanting you! That's darn near heaven! congratulations and long may you enjoy your smile :o)

(Bet that smile on your face will be aching long before you're able to lessen it ;o))

Virenda said...

Quick question, what kind of books do you write and where can I buy one? I'd love to read something you wrote, oh and of course YOU HAVE to sign it. ;0)

Sam said...

Thank you for the kind words everyone!!!
I'm still floating. It's just a nice feeling to know I can write and revise, and someone else will be flogging this baby. LOL

Virenda - I write erotic romance, comic romance, comic erotica, and science fiction / fantasy - and a lot of cross genre work. If you check out my websites ( - you can get a better idea. )
(and thanks for your interest!)

Wynn Bexton said...

Way to go! excellent. I'm sure you enjoyed the rest of your day too.

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

What fabulous news! Congratulations, Sam!!!!

Sam said...

Thanks Wynn and Daisy -
I'm truly feeling lucky today. (maybe I should go try the lottery now?)