Saturday, February 18, 2006

Feb. TBR read

A deadly Brew

Susanna Gregory

Year Published

Why did you get this book?
I read a blurb somewhere (can't rememeber where, then I went to the author's website and liked what I saw)

Do you like the cover?
Yes, it's purple with a gold cup on it - very stark but effective.

Did you enjoy the book?
Very much - I love mysteries and the middle ages - this was right up my alley.

Would you read something by this author again?

Are you keeping it or passing it on?
Keeping it

Anything else?
It's part of a series and now I want to track down the rest.


Cheyenne McCray said...

I'm reading books for the RITA (7 of them) so I can't tell what I've been reading. I am planning a romantic suspense binge afterward because I've been on a paranormal binge for so long!

Sam said...

7 Books - wow!!
I bet they're terrific though - lucky you!
I hope you can write up a report after the RITA's are over!

Virenda said...

Hmmm.. I LOVE mysteries and I will check out A Deadly Brew. I especially dig series.

What are your favorite series?

Sam said...

My fave series are: (in no particular order, lol)
Little house on the Prairie
Martha Grimes mysteries
Hyperion & Endymion
The Mallory series
(I'm typing with a sleeping puppy on my lap so it's not easy, lol)
I'll try to think of some more later!