Friday, February 24, 2006

A very muddy walk

Today we woke up to four inches of white, fluffy snow. I decided to take the dogs for a walk this morning which was a good thing, because by noon the snow had all melted except in shady places under the trees.
Auguste loved the snow--it was his first 'big' snowfall. He liked to eat it, and would take big snapping mouthfuls of it and gulp it down.
This afternoon it was very sunny, so my son and I took the dogs out again and took a longer walk to the fields behind the village. It was very, very muddy.

We saw a hare. It bounded right out of the bushes in front of me and the dogs took a few steps after it but when we called them back they stopped. Even the dogs could see the futility of chasing after that hare. Besides, we were ankle deep in mud at that point. It stuck to our boots and weighed us down, but the sun was shining and there was no breeze, for once, up on the crest of the hill, so it was almost warm out. We had a nice view of the village. Then we went back down into the hollow and washed our boots off in the washing shed. The water was freezing but the dogs didn't mind, and even Auguste was soon splashing around in it. (Which was a good thing - he was covered in mud)

There are washing sheds like this in almost all the villages. Not so very long ago, the washing was done sitting at the edge of the pool, rubbing the cloth on the smooth stone with a bar of laundry soap. They still sell the bars of soap here - huge white bars of fragrant soap(that don't float, lol.)
I can only imagine how heavy the wet laundry was and how awful it must have been pushing it in a wheelbarrow back up the hill. In our back yard there is a shed with a hay rack. Maybe there was a donkey once there, and they used the donkey to carry the laundry?
I think I'd love a time-machine.


Virenda said...

Wow, I really am a little jealous right now. I would LOVE to visit where you live, it looks beautiful.

I always wanted to go back in time, at least for a little while.


Sam said...

I'd love a time machine. Have to build one, I guess.
It's very pretty here, but right now, honest - it's muddy!
(and with the gray sky, gray rain, and gray stone houses sometimes it gets a little teensy bit depressing, lol)

Lyn Cash said...

I just love it when you post photos and descriptions of where yo ulive - this area just seems so peaceful and pretty.

I hear ya on that time machine. *grin* Just wouldn't want to be the woman doing the laundry in the cold.

Jona said...

It snowed with us today too. But I wallpapered and now I'm wishing I'd gone out!

Lena said...

What history Sam! That is truly beautiful.

Wynn Bexton said...

Another interesting vignette of your daily life. Your weather there sounds similar to ours -- be we don't have the mud --not in the city, anyway. This weekend was freezing and snow in some areas especially in the mountains which makes the skiiers happy.
I'm sure you heard all about us at the closing of the Olympics and saw our quadraplegic mayor accepting the flag for the next
Winter Olympics. Lets hope they have just as much snow then as they do now!