Friday, January 27, 2006


I wonder if I spelled that right - it looks odd.
Anyhow, my kids have been asking me about getting them bonsai trees - those tiny little trees tortured into staying in a flat pot - trees that lose their leaves and die almost as soon as you get them in the house. Well, the supermarket nearby had a Chinese New Year sale, and they had a bunch of bonsai trees for 5 euros. SO I got 2 -one for Sebi and one for Julia. Sebi went and painted a Chinese backdrop for his tree (he's a very talented artist and paints Chinese type watercolors - and then my daughter wanted one so he painted one for her (a bamboo grove) Very pretty.
So now we have two bonsai trees in the house, with Chinese backdrops, so they don't feel homesick. Maybe these trees will last longer than the ones I got, which died when it got (pick one or all: overwatered, underwatered, too much light, not enough light, too hot, too cold...) Anyhow, I can grow plants outside but I don't have much luck with houseplants.
It's still cold today. But we're going to burn the HUGE pile of brush in our back garden. I was going to work on my WIP, but I will have to keep the dogs away from the fire, so I'll be busy taking them for walks, I think.


Cheyenne McCray said...

Wonderful, Sam! And I just love how your son painted the backdrops so they wouldn't be lonely. That's so sweet!

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

How thoughtful that Sebi painted those backdrops so the little trees wouldn’t feel homesick!

Maybe in the future you could post some of his work on your blog. I’d love to see it and I’m sure others would as well. And I’m sure Sebi would love basking in his newfound celebrity status! I love children’s artwork because it’s so wonderfully fresh and expressive.

As for plants, I’m terrible with them but my husband has a green thumb. Everything he tends to, inside or outside, thrives beautifully and he finds it relaxing and therapeutic.

Ann Jacobs said...

I've often eyed those little bonsai trees but known deep inside they wouldn't make it under my black thumb. I can just picture yours sitting in front of Sebi's oriental backdrops, and I wish them good luck!

I love plants--share your bad luck with the ones indoors, but it's my DH who gets the credit for nurturing the ones outdoors.

Sam said...

You can see some of Sebi's artwork
on my site - I have one picture under the interview section, and another in the gallery part where it says 'send me your drawings' it's the cherry blossom branch.

Wynn Bexton said...

And Gung Hai Fat Choy, It's the year of the Dog (which is my year! Arf Arf)

International-Man-Of-Mystery said...

I bought a bonsai once for fifteen dollars, a pretty little tree that turned into a fifiteen dollar stick in about two weeks.

May you have better luck than I did.

Damn tree.

Gabriele C. said...

I haven't tried a bonsai yet. But since I usually have a green thumb it might work.

Good luck with yours.

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

Wow, Sam, you weren’t exaggerating about Sebi’s artistic talent! Those are both beautiful pictures. He’s quite an artist! :-D

Sam said...

Gung Hai Fat Choy!
Thanks for the kind words about Sebi's paintings Daisy!
So far, the trees are still alive, and Sebi's has considerably perked up since we got it home. (It had been looking kind of dried out)
Maybe the backdrops are the answer, lol.