Thursday, January 05, 2006

Auguste gets a bath

Yes, the puppy got a bath today. We flooded the kitchen, but he is clean! The house was too quiet. The twins are back in college, my daughter is in school. I had lunch with friends today, and learned a great new recipe. (Lynn's homemade salmon sauce - brown sugar, soy sauce, fresh ginger, and red Martini, mix well, add some water, and cook with salmon. yummy!) I decided to wash the puppy to give me something to do this afternoon. My arm is getting better, but typing for any length of time makes it hurt, so I just answer e-mails and blog a bit. I'm done with edits (mostly) and have one more book to finish, but that can wait a bit. I'm also happy to say that Horse Passages is doing well at Barnes & Noble, if you've read it, drop me a line and let me know what you think!

Auguste is as cute as ever (and he's clean too now!) Rusty is getting used to him and will play with him and lets him sleep in her bed (she doesn't have much of a choice, actually, lol.) I've never had two dogs before, so it's fun watching them interact. I believe Rusty looks younger and happier now that we have Auguste. Before she just kind of slept and moped around the house. Now she plays in the garden with him, and she's more alert. (Because he will often leap on her while she's peacefully sleeping and bite her ears - Rusty Hates that, so she sleeps with one eye open now.)

Other news - today it was cold and gray and there were snow flurries. Brrrr. No snow stuck to the ground, but it dusted the roofs and the cars. (There isn't much going on here right now - I'm still trying to get used to a quiet house, and it's horrible having to wake up early again. Ugh! I much prefer vacation!)


Madeline Hill said...

OH SAM, if you keep posting those really cute doggie pictures I am going to break down and get two dogs. We have two cats, one friendly, one snooty and scared of her own shadow-- it would be a HUGE transition to have dogs to care for, and sharing the cats' space! but then,I like things that are "needy!!" I also love cuddly soft things so a few dogs.. maybe we will need to move to a ranch out here in Az. to accomodate our growing desire for MORE CRITTERS..??

Sam said...

cats are good for cuddling. I'm not a doggy cuddler, lol. My dogs have to stay on the floor or in their beds - they don't jump up on people, and they don't come over and stick their head in my lap when I sit down. (they lie on the floor at my feet) I know it sounds mean, but it makes for happy, well-behaved dogs. I pet them, of course, and talk baby talk to them, and treat them like members of the family - they live in the house, though they don't go upstairs.
Anyhow, I think cats are better for cuddles than dogs - although my mother cuddles her dog and has made it into an absolute monster, lol!

Madeline Hill said...

You are right--well behaved dogs are much nicer to be around! I don't like being jumped on when I go to someone's house. We had freinds with GREAT DANES that didi that and they knocke dme right off my feet.. can you imagine!??? I don't mind the nose in he lap though., I know I would spoil them, however and have them in my bed.. not a good thing probably. I have another freind who got her two LABS used to sleeping in her bed and when the grew, well, there was not much room for her husband. She had to wean them off the bed and onto a mattress on her floor! And eventually into another room.

Auguste and Rusty are adorable!

Gabriele C. said...

Lol, same posts but different comments. I wonder if I should rather link to this blog, since it's easier for me to comment on Blogger.

Sam said...

I often post the same posts on both blogs - easier for me - unless i'm promoting a certain book. Then I'll just use one or the other.

Tara Marie said...

What a great picture, we just have a cat, but I'm thinking my little boy may need a puppy.