Saturday, May 07, 2005

Tarot Cards

Do you or don't you believe in the tarot?
I tell myself I don't - but I have two decks of tarot cards - one I've had since I was thirteen. I read fortunes at the RT conference for a charity - to raise money for the troops. It was fun - but I was amazed at the number of people who took it seriously!
At any rate, I got a book proposal out of it, so I'm hard at work writing a chapter by chapter outline, and then the first ten pages, to send to the woman who asked me for that.
The tarot definitely opens doors - whether or not it's magic is up to debate.
Personally, I believe in coincidences.


Wynn Bexton said...

I am fascinated by the Tarot, though I don't own a set myself. I do, however, throw the ancient Chinese coins and read the I Ching. I am amazed at the wisdom of those hexegrams. I always write them in my journal and in referring back, so often things have fallen into place exactly as the readings conveyed. Now, horoscopes are a tricky thing because I think that the general ones published in daily papers are guess-work. But once I had a friend who was really into astrology do my charts and that was really quite intriguing!

Sam said...

I have a freind who graduated from Harvard and became an astrologist here in France. He does really well. I think it's interesting - he cast my daughter's chart for her for her birthday present when she was born. It's a very accurate assessement of her personality!

Angela James said...

back in August, before Brianna was born, one of the EC authors read her cards. I lost the post when my computer crashed (which was sad because I wanted to put it in her baby book) but the card indicated such a strong personality that they wondered if she was actually a boy.

Well, she's definitly a girl and we can already tell that she is going to be stubborn and strong-willed (like her parents). I think the cards can be accurate if the person reading them is intuitive. Does that make sense?

Sam said...

I didn't know cards could be used for that sort of reading! That is so cool.
Maybe you can ask the EC author if she still has the reading or remembered which cards they were - the cards stay in your memory quite well - I can remember a lot of the cards I've cast.
And I can see where Brianna would have lots of personality, lol!