Saturday, May 14, 2005

Short stories

My first love in writing was short stories, and I still love to read them. I love poetry too, and lyrics for songs. A lot of people ask me how to write a book. I usually tell them that it's good to start by writing short stories. On my website I have a section marked short fiction where I have posted a couple of my stories, and on my website, in the links section, is a whole list of my short stories that you can read on the web.

Today re-read a book of short stories by one of my idols, Ray Bradbury. (R is for Rocket)
Are there any short stories that you particularly loved? I remember reading 'The Scarlet Ibis' when I was in school - and it's stayed with me all my life.


Wynn Bexton said...

I wish I could master the art of the short story. It seems when I write 'short' its morein the journalistic style. But lately I'm trying to even do my travel stories with more of a creative non-fiction flavour.
Canadian author Alice Munroe writes some great s.stories.
And I just finished reading an amazing Czech writer, Josef Skvorecky, (who now lives in Canada). His collection of stories in "The Swell Season" are actully like short stories but linked because they all have the same characters and seem to be quite autobigraphical. I was very impressed with his writing and hope I can find more of his books.
(I'll also take another look at your websites when I get some time.)

Sam said...

I read a collection of short stories from a Swedish author (lost the name) that were all linked by the characters. It was a wonderful book - I hope I didn't lend it to someone. (I never ask for my books back *sigh*)
Stanislas Lem and Kurt Vonnegutt are other favorites of mine.

Anonymous said...

I remember reading Bradbury's "Rocket Man" in 8th grade. Without a doubt, one of the most quietly disturbing stories ever put down to paper. Bradbury is one of the true masters of the form.