Wednesday, May 11, 2005

spring cleaning

I just spring-cleaned. And when I clean, I clean. I deserve a break. The house is spotless. I took it apart, scrubbed and polished, and now everything is like new - even the keyboard is all clean and shiny.
So, after that thrilling post (I'm sorry, but there's nothing else to report - the cleaning lasted all day and it's not over! Tomorrow: Kitchen & bathroom!


Wynn Bexton said...

Me too. Bit by bit. I have this lovely Brazilian girl coming to house-sit for me while I'm away and I am trying to make things as pleasant as possible. When I started looking around I realized how much I had to do! (Do you get so absorbed in your writing you tend to neglect the piles of clutter?)

Benoit Lapierre said...

hehe ouin tu es pas mal de chose en meme temps.

Sam said...

I actually do the opposite - I get involved in cleaning and neglect writing!
My husband is fastidious, and there are five of us in a very small house with just one bathroom - so I really have to keep on top of things.

Benoit - merci d'être venu - je croit que je vais arreté mon Siren's Blog - personne ne poste la bas - (et nous sommes dix à partagé le blog!)

Benoit Lapierre said...

hehe merci du renseignement. c'est apprécié.