Wednesday, September 19, 2007

One man's junk...

It's junk day, and we cleaned out our garage and put the junk outside. Half of it is gone. I came back from my walk to see a man putting the chair with the broken seat in the back of his car. There are junk trunks driving through the village scouring the sides of the road and piles of junk for treasure to sell, keep, fix, or whatever.

We watched Gettysburg again. My daughter loves that DVD and keeps putting it on. My husband saw it for the first time and is hooked. He wants to get a copy of the music. Here's a photo of the cemetery in Gettysburg. A haunting place. If you get a chance to read 'Killer Angels', don't hesitate. It's a wonderful book. And the movie is very well done also.


Lyn Cash said...

I am so strange - but my mom's people are Native American, and part of their land was sold to a church who in turn put a cemetery on the land. My great-grandparents tended to this cemetery, so I grew up helping pick flowers off of the graves after our Memorial Day, helping Grandpa mow, that sort of thing.

I heard that that DVD was good - need to watch it. Thanks for posting the cemetery photo.

Sam said...

That's an interesting story - growing up tending a graveyard...Haunting in a way.
The DVD is fabulous. I highly reccommend it. We found it in the public library the first time. They usually have a copy.